James T Noble Marketing Authority Examines Major Benefits Of Guest Posting For Entrepreneurs In New Report

Small business marketing authority James Noble takes an in-depth look at 4 major reasons why entrepreneurs and small business owners should consider guest posting as part of their online marketing strategy in his new report. The report is available now here: http://createbusinessgrowth.com/guest-posts/be-my-guest-%E2%80%93-4-major-reasons-to-make-guest-posting-part-of-your-marketing-strategy

The majority of online business owners and entrepreneurs host their own blog. Blogging is a widely accepted marketing method for the purposes of relationship building, traffic generation and company identity development, but far fewer entrepreneurs realise that writing content for the blogs of other businesses can also be beneficial. Writing for someone else really isn’t as crazy as it sounds. James Noble explained:

“Many entrepreneurs aren’t aware of the huge benefits guest posting can give them.” He went on to say “guest posting is an excellent strategy for extending your reach and boosting your reputation online – and even better, it doesn’t cost you a dime.”

Mr Noble’s new report investigates four chief benefits guest posting offers entrepreneurs and small businesses. It demonstrates the value that guest posting as part of an online marketing strategy can offer smaller enterprises, and highlights some key points to assist entrepreneurs in incorporating guest posting as part of their online marketing strategy. James commented:

“Reaching the right audience is vital, and entrepreneurs can access new audiences through other blogs.” He then added “Quality posts on carefully selected blogs can significantly enhance a business and take it to the next level.”

With the release of his new report, James hopes to give entrepreneurs some valuable insight that could have a positive overall effect on their online marketing strategies. This is not the first time James Noble has produced guides to support to businesses. In addition to this new report James offers a variety of other services and resources aimed at entrepreneurs and small to medium sized businesses to support and guide them with valuable information and resources aimed at helping them to build and grow their businesses.

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James T Noble has helped some of the world’s largest brands and companies market their products and services online, including Virgin, Walt Disney Corporation, Coca Cola, Paramount Pictures and many others.

James lives in the UK and works with small business owners worldwide to accelerate their growth through effective online marketing. Visit the James T Noble website for more information and to get in touch with James.

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