New, Hot & Large Power Flood Lights with Extraordinary Modular Designs Now Available J-Ray Lighting Company

For lighting larger areas with ample and warm lights, J-Ray Lighting Co. Ltd has now introduced modular and large power LED floodlights for customers all around the world.

LED lights are energy-efficient as well as environment-friendly. This is the reason why the use of LED lights is growing up across the world. J-Ray Lighting Company invests in the new technology to come up with the LED lights that can be used to light up larger areas, such as a stadium, parking lot, tunnel or others. These flood lights giver warmer and brighter lights to ensure a better visibility during nights.

The company supplies improved quality LED Flood Lights that have wider applications in tunnels, construction sites, stadiums, tennis courts, decorative lighting and other areas. These lights have a perfect 3-D heat dissipation design and a cross ventilation system that ensure a better performance and a long life. With an elegant thermal structure, the lights are wholly waterproof of IP67 standards. Its silicon rubber sealing makes it more efficient to keep functioning in all weather conditions. With their angular adjustments, these lights can be adjusted at multiple angles as per the requirement.

LED Flood Lights

They also have camera type New and Hot LED Flood Lights that reflect a fashionable camera design. This novel product is unique with its super cooling structure that gives it a desired longevity. Enclosed in a lightweight aluminum shell, its maintenance is quite easy. The RoHs certified LED light has approved outdoor lamp connective parts for creating an effective lighting in areas like, gardens, backyards, stadiums, and other places.

Customers can also procure 500W Large Power Flood lights from J-Ray Lighting, which provides excellent lighting effects for various applications, such as courtyards, playgrounds, stadiums, scenic spots and others. These lights have an excellent thermal structure with an aluminum shell for their durability. These lightweight lights can easily be placed at different heights to light up a wider area. The aluminum radiating case ensures a better heat dissipation for the best thermal performance.

According to the company spokesperson, all these flood lights are the result of a meticulous research and have many technological advantages. One can learn more about these lights and their features by visiting the website

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Professionally focused on outdoor lighting products for decades, J-ray lighting has always been committed to be the most reliable partner in providing valuable and practical solutions for every single detail of engineering construction. On account of a team with innovative and persistent spirit in initiating a whole new LED lighting era, the company is today recognized globally by customers spread all parts of the world.

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