Women to now get unique self-defense strobe light to combat harassment on road

A unique self-defense strobe light Dazzeler is soon to hit the market and it promises a quick and effective combat for women against the nasty sexual harassments and assaults on road.

Waterloo, Ontario – November 24, 2016 – With the International Day to Stop Violence Against Women (November 25th) just round the corner, here is some great news for all the women out there, a former military captain Philip Cressman has come up with a unique self-defense strobe light that will help women to effectively combat sexual harassment & abuse on road. Rightly entitled as “Dazzeler”, this powerful luminous aide in-the-making is designed to temporarily blind the harasser with its high frequency strobe so that the victim gets enough time to escape safe.

“Women’s safety is a big issue in recent times and we all are disgusted with the growing frequency of sexual harassment and assault cases these days. Thus, we aim to empower all the active women out there with our state of the art Dazzeler self-defense strobe light which will emit a wide beam of high frequency strobe at 1,800 lumens with just a single push of a button. While cast on the harasser’s face, it can blind him out temporarily so that you have enough time to escape to a safer route. It’s just the thing you need when you are looking for a quick defense”, stated Cressman who has been working on this unique self-defense approach for around 8 months now.

The strobe light is bright enough to be used inside public transport systems as well.

Speaking further on their development, Cressman stressed that Dazzeler would perfectly fit the verbal and space limiting harassment situations. The light uses the same frequency as is used by powerful police strobe lights in Belgium and Holland and delivers 15 flashes in just a second.

Dazzeler sports a sturdy polymer body for strong grip and its portable frame snugs it perfectly into the user’s palm. The handy device weighs no more than 2 ounces and it’s easy to operate with its simple on/off button. The strobe light is powered by a USB rechargeable high output lithium-ion battery which can last up till 4 months at a stretch. It also features a break away leash that would easily secure it to bags, purses and backpacks.

“We have strategically chosen strobe light as it can stun someone temporarily without the actual trauma of permanent visual effects. We have settled with high efficiency 3W LED light which dispenses the mighty light level required while simultaneously fitting into the small format of our device. Yes, you might mention the pepper spray here but we wanted a painless result.”

Added to protection from harassers, Dazzeler would also be a convenient aide for anybody walking in the dark late at night in unknown cities.

“Our prototype has been demonstrated to over a hundred women and it’s only after their approval, we have decided to come up with the final ready version of Dazzeler soon.”

For more information, please visit www.dazzeler.com

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/GSJ2yGJS2Ew

Distributed by Iris Schwenk

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