November 24, 2016: The Excifit Water Infuser Pitcher and Bottle Set is a new product that has been introduced by BOC Branding Limited. This new product is used to help anyone with infusing water in a pitcher with all sorts of fruits. It is a useful product that brings great infused water to anyone who is interested in having a refreshing drink with a unique texture to it.

This is designed with a simple body where an infuser reservoir is included in the middle part of the pitcher. The user can add fruits of all sorts into the infuser. These fruits will stay in the same reservoir without any added compounds floating around the water as it is served.

The design of the pitcher allows the user to change the water around as needed. This can be done without having to change the fruit as needed.

The infuser reservoir can be taken out and then filled up as needed. This works well with a variety of different fruits. It especially does well with apples, raspberries, and many other foods.

An infuser bottle is also included in this set. This works with a similar design that is easy to prepare.

This is all made with a series of BPA-free materials. Tritan plastic is especially used to keep it sturdy and strong.

The pitcher itself also does well when pouring out the water. It uses a simple spout and a conveniently curved handle. The spout can also e opened and closed based on the specific needs one holds.

A recipe book is also included in this set for free. This paperback book features all sorts of recipes that use infused water. These include recipes that entail different frozen drinks that can be made even more special with infused water. The book is detailed and offers enough information on all the needs that people require for getting different recipes ready.

This Excifit Water Infuser Pitcher and Bottle Set is designed for those who want to enjoy great water that has been properly infused with natural fruits. This especially does well for all those looking for a good way to enjoy water.

About the Company: BOC Branding Limited offers health and beauty products for many needs.

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