How To Personalize And Popularize With Dragonfly Buttons

In this modern world, a few things hold great value: individualism and influence. Here to help in both of these aspects are Pin Back Buttons, Badge Reels, and more by Dragonfly Button Biz.

November 24, 2016 – Buttons are one of the most versatile ideas in the developed world. From an easy button, to a presidential campaign button, to a digital button, buttons are everywhere, but why exactly do these simple items fascinate the public’s mind? The answer is because they do something. Buttons make statements. They are signals of support for a cause and a form of self-expression. Here to help people and businesses alike make these sorts of statements is Dragonfly Buttons Biz, a manufacturer of everything from Pin Back Buttons to Pet Tags. These sorts of buttons are perfect as promotional swag or a personal touch to a backpack or work uniform.

Part of what makes buttons great is their diversity, so Dragonfly Button Biz has strived to incorporate this into every part of their product design and production. Buttons ordered from Dragonfly Button Biz are made with custom promotional designs or a variety of standard designs chosen and produced by Dragonfly Button Biz. These standard designs include everything from the popular internet meme of a Star Wars Stormtrooper dancing on a lamppost to an “I Love My Affenpinscher!” dog lover’s pin. One of the most popular of these designs is the Christmas ornament decal which naturally lends itself to the circular shape of a button. This sort of diversity ensures that every client will be able to find something they love, and if the client cannot find the perfect pinnable design, the designers, Jeff and Renee at Dragonfly Button Biz, would be happy to craft a custom design.

Aside from the sheer variety of aesthetic designs stands the wide range of uses available for the designs. Dragonfly Button Biz produces all of its designs in a variety of formats: Pin Back Buttons, Badge Reels, Magnets, Key Chains, and Pet Tags, and the company is developing new formats and ways to display buttons often. The Badge Reels are particularly useful for marking and personalizing ID badge reels used in corporate offices, restaurants, schools and the medical field.

From the corporate standpoint, wearable Pin Back Buttonsare an incredibly apparent advertising medium that people actually love to wear. As a result, these buttons make the perfect favors, promotional materials, stocking stuffers, fundraising products, and more.  As an example, magnets and pin back buttons are an excellent way for Realtors and service industry companies to keep their information in front of their clients.

About Dragonfly Button Biz

Dragonfly Button Biz was founded by husband and wife team Jeff Smail and Renee Tacy back in 2014. The company finally launched earlier this year after months of preparation. Jeff and Renee started the company with their son Maitlan in mind. Maitlanwas born with Mosaic Down Syndrome, so Jeff and Renee thought to create Dragonfly Button Biz as a way of supporting him and exposing him to real life work experience. Maitlan helps aide in the entire process, from web design to production to shipping.  The company is also dedicated to serving their local community, as well as global customers, and has elected to keep all production done by hand inside the United States. Dragonfly Button Biz has also teamed up with Amazon’s new Hand Made at Amazon ( The husband-wife duo are immensely proud of both Dragonfly Button Biz and Maitlan,who is also a medal winner in three different Special Olympics sports.

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