Electronics Start Up ProtoLeap, Aiming To Provide Open Source Software And Hardware Education For All, To Launch Kickstarter Campaign

Ontario, Canada – At the dawn of software and hardware development, it was passionate amateurs and hobbyists who shaped the field of electronics as we come to know it. As the years went by, this knowledge became predominantly available through higher learning institutions, and those eager to experiment with electronics were left with minimal resources that would help them improve their skills and expand their knowledge of the subject.

ProtoLeap was founded by Mr. Mazi Hosseini, a veteran electronics developer with thorough knowledge of prototyping. Understanding the tremendous effort that goes into new product design, and the many obstacles those with less experience on the matter face, Mr. Hosseini set out to create an all-inclusive platform, with the aim for it to become the top online destination for those interested in electronics, and creating hardware-software systems.

The startup’s mission is to make electronics knowledge readily available to all. ProtoLeap is going to be an affordable, easy-to-use platform, where anyone can learn about electronics, as well as explore new ideas and opportunities on electronics design and circuit prototyping.

Those signing up for ProtoLeap will benefit from receiving many example projects, which will come with the necessary code, schematics and components needed for their completion. Participants in the ProtoLeap community will be able to gain access to a wealth of future projects, developed both by the company’s experts, as well as by the community itself.

ProtoLeap aims to create a thorough archive of electronics projects, which will serve as a reference point for hobbyists and professional developers alike.

“We couldn’t be more excited about ProtoLeap’s launch”, said Mr. Hosseini. He continued, “Our staff has worked tirelessly for the past year, in order to perfect our platform and come up with the most exciting electronics projects, to satisfy the needs of every budding electronics developer. We are confident that our Kickstarter campaign will be supported by the numerous electronics enthusiasts around the globe, who want to contribute to the creation of the most comprehensive portal on electronics to have ever existed”.

The company’s Kickstarter campaign is set to begin next week. Early supporters have the chance to secure one of ProtoLeap’s exclusive electronics kits, before they go into mass production.

To learn more about Protoleap’s Kickstarter campaign, please visit the campaign’s page.

To learn more about ProtoLeap, please visit: http://www.protoleap.com/

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