At Unicol, the emphasis has always been on quality and brilliant design. Along with this, Unicol prioritises its customers’ needs, beginning with providing interested parties with detailed quotes according to their precise requirements.

UNITED KINGDOM, 2016 – Business and residential clients looking for the ideal solution when it comes to their AV equipment can surely turn to Unicol for whatever it is they need. Unicol has been designing and producing a wide range of AV support solutions for decades, and its products include ceiling-mounted, wall-mounted, and floor-mounted support technology for televisions, projectors, LED displays, and more.

Speaking of LED displays, Unicol is happy to say that anyone looking for the perfect LED display mounting structure can turn to them for the best product and service they can find. As Unicol states, “(We) are at the forefront of support system design for indoor ‘tile module’ LED displays, offering bespoke solutions for free-standing, floor to wall, and ceiling suspension. The experience in designing and manufacturing installs for the corporate, retail, public, and other sectors is your reassurance for any new project being considered.”

The tile module LED display solutions being offered by Unicol have the added advantage of offering a seamless display of up to 8 metres by 3 metres. Along with this, the LED display solution provided by Unicol is available in any customer’s preferred format, be it a normal or standard screen, an extended portrait, or a stretched landscape. Additionally, this LED display solution can be assembled right onsite, and is both maintenance- and installer-friendly as well. 

Unicol is more than willing to provide those who are interested in the installation of LED displays and other types of displays with a detailed quote which outlines all their requirements. To receive a quote, customers need only visit the Unicol website and send an enquiry via email or give the Unicol office a ring. Email support is readily available for sales, general enquiries, information, support, and accounts. Those who are looking for more information regarding a specific mounting requirement can easily get in touch with Unicol so they will have a better idea of what to expect with their specific project and they will be aware from the start of what is involved.

Unicol has over 50 years of experience and expertise, and the company remains a leader in the AV support solution industry, and is set to remain so for years to come.

About the company: Unicol is a leading designer and manufacturer of AV mounting solutions for TVs, projectors, and large-format displays. For more information on Unicol LED display solutions, visit the company website.

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