21 November 2016- Top LED Signs : The giant LED display used by Hilary Clinton at Jacob K Javits Convention Center 655 West 34th Street NY NY 10001 on the election night of November 8th 2016.

Following the epic election, Top LED Signs CEO, Karl Bittner released a statement regarding the technology behind the giant LED display used by Hillary Clinton and the democrats at Jacob K Javits Convention Center NY  on the election night of November 8th 2016.  During the Hillary Clinton’s election night, the real time news and election results were streaming live on giant Dicolor LED display


Top LED Signs is a leading LED signs distribution company and the contractor that provided the giant LED display used by Hillary Clinton on election night at the Jacob K Javits Convention Center. Top LED Signs has secured its standing as trusted and respected provider of LED displays, Digital Billboards, LED signs etc in the USA.

According the to the CEO, Karl Bittner, The Giant LED displays are full-color LED signs crafted with precision, intelligently designed and engineered for top performances.

The color LED Displays, Digital Billboards, and LED signs have gained increasing popularity amongst business owners. He said “The major advantage of the LED sign is the high contrast color design that gives much clearer picture quality for any scenes, especially in low light or bright sunlight. We offers LED Signs, Digital Displays, Digital Billboards, LED Trade show displays, Event Displays and Sports Arena Displays to help your brand make the impact you desire! Our expert designers understand the need to create powerful displays that project your brand and make it gain the attention it deserves. Our Creative and high quality LED displays can be used for billboards, advertising, at hotels, stadiums, airports… just about anywhere!”

About Top LED Signs:

Top LED Signs is an innovator that is specialized in indoor and outdoor LED signs, LED Displays, and Digital Billboards. It provides products and services clients around the USA. For more information

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