Windy City Air Conditioning & Heating Now Reveals “Home Maintenance Checklist for Fall”

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Based in Las Vegas, Windy City Air Conditioning & Heating now unveils “Home Maintenance Checklist for Fall” to prolong the life of HVAC system and decrease the risk of emergency heating repair service call in the winter.

Las Vegas, Nevada (getnews) November 25, 2016 – Las Vegas is one of the warmest cities in the country! One resident says one of the best ways to stay cool here and keep sky-high power bills in line is to schedule a “preventive maintenance check-up” before the heat starts in with a vengeance.

The spokesperson affirmed, “Fall season is the perfect time to take care of the little things that can make a big difference for you and your home. With this in mind, we at Windy Air Conditioning & Heating LLC now revealed an easy-to-follow “Home Maintenance Checklist for fall”. The checklist formulated by our professional technicians includes: Drain solar system, winterize sprinklers, check smoke detectors, inspect fireplace, check CO detectors, and more.”

Also, as a note to welcome this fall season, Windy City now offers “12 Point Heating System Safety Inspection” for just $65 per furnace (*Mention Offer Code: 1227). The professionally trained HVAC technicians offers tips and advice on furnace & heating system maintenance and upkeep, as well as Air Conditioning and A/C repairs to keep comfortable all year round!

While enquiring about this special offer, the spokesperson stated, “It is our pleasure to service your heating equipment. An annual home heating inspection is critical to the safety and efficiency of a home’s heating system. These inspections serve to improve the efficiency of the system and guarantee the safety of your family. With this in mind, we are now offering 12 point heating system safety inspection for just $65. To know more about what are the services listed under this 12 point inspection, visit our website.”

Affirming the above statement, the founder of Windy City Air Conditioning & Heating in Las Vegas stated that a properly tuned, fully functioning HVAC system not only provides peace of mind by reducing safety concerns like house fires, it provides other benefits including: improved indoor air quality, fewer health concerns like allergies and asthma attacks, lower utility bills, greater fuel efficiency resulting in home energy savings and more.   

The spokesperson finally concluded by stating, “Compared with the price of a new HVAC system or an emergency heating repair service call, annual maintenance service fees are inexpensive. Keep your HVAC system in optimal shape for the winter by calling our HVAC repair experts in Las Vegas. Call 702-932-7284 now to schedule your heating safety inspection for just $65.”

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