Black Friday 2016 & Cyber Monday Offer: The Ultimate SEO Guide for This Year

SEMJar, a renowned SEO company specializing in PBNs and press releases offers a wide range of Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts. Every business owner can benefit and discounts are updated every day.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the most hectic shopping days of the year and bring millions of profits to retailers. However, nowadays not only shopping malls offer discounts for these very special occasions. SEMJar, a SEO service known for its effective optimization and creative use of press release marketing and PBNs (Private Blog Networks) has joined the shopping rush.

They offer a very enticing array of discounts for different services. The offers of the day a presented at the Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2016 page. Business owners and everyone else interested in obtaining discounts are encouraged to visit every day as the deals will be updated regularly.

This approach is sure to keep things interesting and can very well open one an opportunity to grab a good discount for their specific needs. However, one must be careful not to miss an inviting opportunity.

So far, SEMJar says that the best deal on offer would be 75% off for the cost of PBN hosting. Although, one will need to look out for it. The offer will stay valid until the next Tuesday, so everyone should have an opportunity to get the service they are interested in.

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Why Use PBNs and Press Releases for SEO

There are many marketing techniques, and quite a few of them can boost SEO in different ways. They vary by the level of efficiency and ‘safety’ as some practices are banned by search engines. The best thing about PBNs and press releases is that they are equally efficient for any kind of business.

Posting press releases on relevant news portals does not only attract more visitors. It boosts the original website’s credibility. To get the most benefit from this specific tool, one must always seek for a service that offers maximum exposure. Distribution throughout at least 500 networks is a necessity to get the press release noticed.

PBNs, on the other hand, are all about stability. Therefore, one must look for a company that offers reliable PBN hosting and setup. Using those will help realize the full SEO potential of the network.

SEMJar offers stability and professionalism, ensuring that the company dealing with them will indeed receive a substantial marketing boost. To start looking into their Black Friday & Cyber Monday offers visit the dedicated page. One could also contact the company at any time via the website or Live Chat.

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