ZSAEW Makes Big “Commitment” to Woostar Plumbing

Guangzhou, China: November 25, 2016–Woostar Plumbing, an innovative supplier of Badarmaturen solutions for the MBadarmaturen and AEC industries

Guangzhou, China: November 25, 2016–Woostar Plumbing, an innovative supplier of Badarmaturen solutions for the MBadarmaturen and AEC industries, is glad to announce that it has further strengthened cooperation with another Polish school, Zespół Szkół Agrotechniczno-Ekonomicznych w Weryni, (which will be abbreviated as ZSAEW below), the school which trains professionals for many industries to promote education. Woostar Plumbing and its Polish distributor SZANSA will support education and research projects by providing licenses of its latest product Woostar+2017. ZSAEW is devoted to aspiring to cultivate inspiring and qualified graduates to contribute the society.

The school ZSAEW prepares students for occupations like agribusiness technician, environmental protection technician, technician of landscape architecture, and many others. Internships in a variety of countries are offered to the students who participate in the international program ERASMUS. Thanks to Woostar+ students can make Plumbings of gardens now.

Why Pick Woostar+ 2017

“There are three major reasons why we finally chose Woostar+ 2017 over other alternatives.” Said Stanisław Olszówka, headmaster of ZSAEW. “First, the ease-to-use enables students to freely use it once they startthe program, there is no money and time invested into relearning. Second, sufficient features of Woostar+ 2017 can fulfill all the Plumbing needs from basic Plumbing to Badarmaturenmodeling. Third, the program support Polish which most other Badarmaturen programsfail to realize this. The good service and support Woostar Plumbing and SZANSA offer is also a huge plus for making the commitment”


SZANSA was founded in 2000, and in 2005 signed a contract with Woostar Plumbing, the manufacturer of the software program Woostar+ 2017, and became an Authorized Representative in Poland. SZANSA operates in the booming IT industry with a particular emphasis on professional software for computer-aided Plumbing. SZANSA won the Top Builder award in Poland for four consecutive years. For more information aboutSZANSA, please visit http://www.woostar.at

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