The Android App Store Announce The Best Alternative of Facetime For Android

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The Android App store (, which helps people to find the best available apps on the market has today announced the best alternative of Facetime for Android users. Facetime is a popular video chat application for Smartphone users, allowing them to chat with family and friends and use it to communicate with customers. However, Facetime is not available for Android phones, which means millions of people are missing out.

Over the past 12 months there have been a lot of new Android apps developed to try and provide the same powerful solutions as Facetime but unfortunately, a lot of these apps have been badly designed and that is why The Android App store has put together the top ten best Facetime alternatives.

A spokesman for The Android App said: “We have put together the list to help people avoid wasting their time downloading Facetime alternatives that do not work and avoid disappointment after buying an app that is worthless.”

The team at The Android App looked at all the alternatives available and tested each one to see how they compared to Facetime and to see which ones did provide a great application to help people to communicate with their family and friends. The top ten Facetime Android apps ( has gone viral on social media with Android phone users wanting to know which app to use as a real alternative.

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