Hosting Company Shocks The Competition With Free Web Hosting Offer offers a new and exciting way of hosting websites for free.

Over the years, we have seen some extraordinary developments in the world of technology but imagine not having to pay for hosting a website. Thanks to Simple Host Informatica, this can now be achieved. As long as companies or individuals use, website hosting is available for no charge as the name suggests. Furthermore, the features available surpass those found from other services.

With many other ‘free’ solutions, they sneak in a few hidden costs that make the whole exercise a waste of time. However, FreeHosting is completely free and boasts over a decade of experience in the industry. If you don’t believe it, over 800,000 websites have been powered so far. Essentially, the company just wants to deliver a great service for all clients.

Even if you’re looking for Linux hosting, this is also available with FreeHosting and users can receive hosting with PHP and MySQL as well as a number of other resources that even paid services cannot provide. For all domains, users can install a Free SSL from the cPanel account in just a few seconds.

Aside from the price or lack of, there are a number of reasons why FreeHosting is a great choice. Firstly, they have teamed up with Installatron to provide a powerful web application installer. Secondly, companies can make use of the JetBackup system to protect all of their important files; normally, backups will occur every single day ensuring that loss of data is kept to a minimum. Thirdly, companies will make use of many extras including single file restore, 30-days retention, and self-restore GUI.

At its core, FreeHosting uses high-performance web servers from LiteSpeed. Essentially, this is an Apache drop-in replacement that minimises memory consumption whilst serving thousands of clients at the same time. Additionally, PHP performance can be increased whilst static content can be served faster.

For companies looking for a cheap way to start to build their online presence, this is a great solution and FreeHosting offers efficiency in bundles. By using PHP7, the website speed is increased and PHP version change can be made within seconds thanks to the easy to navigate cPanel.

With a free service, it is fair to not expect much but many experts have praised FreeHosting particularly for their reliability. Especially with Cloud Linux OS, clients will enjoy high levels of stability for their servers. Since SSD cache is used for storage, this automatically guarantees a high-quality performance for the users and their website.

Finally, the security cover that comes with this free offering should also be noted. Rather than choosing to go for a standard security system, FreeHosting has chosen CageFS which allows each user to be stored in a ‘cage’ which allows nothing inside. For the user, this means that they work within a safe area and only use safe binaries.

To nobodies’ surprise, FreeHosting is now taking off for individuals and many companies. Of course, the fact that it is free is a bonus but most are choosing FreeHosting for its power, security, performance, and all-round superb service.

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