With the holidays just around the corner, and millions of Americans finalizing their travel arrangements, Let’s Fly Cheaper has released an up-to-date list of major domestic airports most likely to experience delays.

While travel to see friends and family should be a relaxing and enjoyable time, travel chaos and long delays can make things pretty miserable. The report is intended to help travelers be a little more aware of potential delays, so they can plan accordingly and allow a little more time.

Whether arriving at the airport a little earlier, or choosing to fly a different route completely, the report is a handy reference for anyone checking in this winter!  

Unlike many of the reports previously published on this topic, Let’s Fly Cheaper has utilized the very latest data, from October 2016. Each airport’s delay rate is presented as a percent of the total flight movements operated in a month.

With such recent and relevant data, time-sensitive itineraries can be adhered to, and regular future updates are planned to provide a year-round resource that is valuable to both leisure and business travelers alike.

“Flyers are most likely to have their plans altered based on what airport they fly out of. Information on which airports are most susceptible to unexpected changes, can allow travelers to react accordingly. We believe that keeping people informed is the best way for them to plan accordingly, particularly around the holidays” said Alexis Moreno, Head of Marketing and Advertising at Let’s Fly Cheaper.

The five airports featured in the report are located in some of the United States’ most popular cities, and their inclusion is based solely on their overall flight delay rate. 

Presented with an image of the city, and naming some of the things they are most famous for, the Let’s Fly Cheaper team called upon the trusted air traffic experts at FlightStats to ensure all data is accurate and correct.

Perhaps unexpectedly to some, San Francisco International Airport comes out as the most troublesome in terms of flight delays, with a 25.26% delay rate. This popular West Coast travel destination’s laid-back approach seems to make it to the runways, with its travelers almost 8% more likely to experience delays than in Las Vegas.

Los Angeles International features in second place (22.52% delay rate), Newark Liberty International in third (21.9% delay rate), Phoenix Sky Harbor in fourth (19.02% delay rate) and McCarran International in fifth (17.27% delay rate).

Let’s Fly Cheaper is a leading professional network, specializing in low-fare business travel to international destinations. With a keen approach to customer service, the platform handles a variety of travel itineraries, from first-class trips to leisure groups, and continues to provide content that makes travel easier, more affordable and enjoyable.

Read the report by clicking here

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