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Home Of The Green Touch System
At Ziker Cleaners, we know how much customers care about the world and its environment.

Many customers are concerned that drycleaning clothes can be both harmful to customers and the environment. This is why we are proud to offer the Ziker GreenTouch System™ that utilizes three different cleaning methods proven to be environmentally safe. Together, we can protect our world along with future generations.

Our customers look for the following when seeking the type of drycleaning services that we offer: home pick up and delivery service to Portage, Indiana, Portage clothing delivery, Portage drycleaning delivery, Portage laundry delivery service, and Portage drycleaning pickup. We know that customers lead busy lives, and we try to make it easy for those searching for our services through the Internet or otherwise.

Our Green Non-Hazardous Drycleaning Solutions

We are proud to be the very first to market Solvon K4 cleaning and GreenEarth cleaning modalities. Both are non-hazardous and are gentle to the environment. Garments are expertly cleaned and remain odorless without any harmful residue in the least. Our system employs a state-of-the-art wet cleaning process that results in garments looking like new every time we process them. Much of what we do and provide is all about helping reduce the world’s carbon footprint. We take “going green” quite seriously. We also offer other green programs that take into consideration the materials used to package your products. We think they should be environmentally friendly as well.

Free Pickup and Portage Delivery

We think that free pickup and delivery to your front door is icing on the cake. Our customer service areas include most of St. Joseph, Elkhart, Marshall Counties, extreme lower Michigan, Valparaiso, and Chesterton.

Services offered include:

• Drycleaning – Everyone needs superior drycleaning services via Portage clothing delivery.

• Household Cleaning – What house is complete without exceptional household cleaning services? This is part of our Portage laundry service package. From tablecloths and blankets to comforters, we have it all covered. Wine stains and spots can be removed and restored for your next gathering.

• Minor Alterations and Expert Repairs – We employ our own seamstress experts who can hem pants and perform minor alterations to your complete satisfaction. Hemming can be accomplished on the same day Monday through Friday, between the hours of 9 and 5 p.m.

• Free US Flag Cleaning – Most people will keep their flag for years without ever a thought of having it expertly cleaned. Let us restore its natural beauty.

• Shirt Laundering – When it comes to expertly laundering shirts, no one does it better. Voted the best cleaners in the area, our shirt services are one of the reasons why. We will return them neatly folded or placed perfectly on a hangar.

• Wedding Gown Preservation – Your wedding gown, or that of a loved one or friend can be expertly cleaned by using the best Portage cleaners in town.

When residents look for the services of Portage dry cleaners, Zikers Cleaners is often the first choice. We believe in customer service, and all of our employees are committed to offering the very best possible. Our new plant in Portage is built with customers in mind. We like to think that we are the epitome of what a Portage drycleaners should be. Take a moment and contact a representative today to find out more about our superior drycleaning services. If looking for exceptional Portage drycleaning delivery, or Portage laundry services, you need look no further than Zikers Cleaners.

We offer the following locations for customer convenience:

251 E. Sample St. South Bend, IN;
207 Dixie Way South, South Bend, IN:
2330 South Bend Ave.,South Bend, IN;
420 E. Ireland Rd.,South Bend, IN;
3903 Portage Rd., South Bend, IN;
12431 Bittersweet Commons, Granger, IN;
1808 East Bristol St., Elkhart, IN;
7424 Gumwood Rd.,Mishawaka, IN;
340 Bittersweet Rd., Mishawaka, IN;
1240 South Byrkit St., Mishawaka, IN.

Our Mailing Address is:

Ziker Cleaners
1240 S. Birkit St.
Mishawaka, IN. 46544

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