New Holiday Themed Card Game “Santa Banta Naughty Nice” Will Entertain Families for Countless Hours

Although we’d all like for the holidays to be a time of joyous unity, the reality is that gathered family members often pursue their own interests like TV or video games.  That is why your family will enjoy and benefit from a new Christmassy card game called “Santa Banta Naughty Nice.” “Santa Banta Naughty Nice” is easy to learn and play, even for children as young as seven years old. Players will laugh and bond with other players for hours as they try to match paired cards, figure out who holds what and have the opportunity to determine who is “naughty” or “nice.”

“Santa Banta Naughty Nice” is an outstanding card game that will help keep children and adults entertained for hours during the holidays. The game consists of a winter deck of 35 playing cards which includes beautifully designed sets of Santa, Banta, Naughty and Nice cards as well as 2 joker cards.  In the game are also some specially crafted Jingle Bells, two pencils and 150 printed scorecards.

As one of the most promising new holiday games, and the first Christmas roleplaying card game, “Santa Banta Naughty Nice” is likely to fly off of the shelves during the holiday season, but the makers of this game are offering you the chance to reserve your own copy before it goes on sale to the public. You can now reserve your “Santa Banta Naughty Nice” edition—including the Print ‘N Play version, Early Bird version, Kickstarter Special, or Honorary Producer/Autographed Copy—at a large discount through a Kickstarter campaign.

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