Fine Art Magazine Wander Embraces the Beauty of Modern Spaces

If you have been looking for a magazine that features idyllic portraits of modern life and spaces, then Wander is just what you need. Wander is a new publication from Australia that scours the modern landscape to find indelible images and use the words of those pictured to bring them to life.  Focused on life and work in lush, beautiful environments that often feature both man-made and natural elements, Wander captures the startling magnificence when these two worlds are juxtaposed.

Wander is a publication that firmly believes in the power of imagery. The images in Wander are light hearted, honest and soul-cleansing.  More than a mere collection of photographs, each issue is a magnificent, visual journey through bright, joyous worlds that will buoy your spirits. When you settle down to enjoy Wander, you will be transported to an existence filled with plants, artwork and good company. The first issue with 188 pages of gorgeous photos and incisive interviews—and without ads—is available in an open spine, hardcover format.

Wander is a new publication, but you can be a part of its historic launch by supporting their campaign on Indiegogo. In return for backing this project, you can receive valuable perks like discounted first editions or yearlong subscriptions.

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Company Name: WANDER
Contact Person: Alex
Country: Australia