Goodsomnia is Inviting a Thousand People to Test Their New Stop-Snoring Product

For the 30-60% of men and 20% of women who snore, this is serious condition that may disrupt their own sleep as well as their spouses.  Many people have tried products like the Continuous Positive Airway Pressure devices, but these are often uncomfortable due to common side effects like dry nose and sore throat.  A new stop-snoring solution from Swedish company Goodsomnia AB eliminates the need to wear masks, hoses or cords to bed by focusing on the root cause.

Snoring is caused by weakening of the soft palate muscles. When sufferers sleep, their breathing vibrates this loose palate, thereby causing snoring.  The new Goodsomnia therapy uses a patent pending muscle stimulator to help increase blood flow to and strengthen the muscles of the soft palate.  The easy to use device has a soft medical silicone ball head that is applied to the soft palate muscles and rear tongue (for mild apnea) for just 30 seconds each per day. Users should experience improvement almost immediately, and users should see total remission or serious improvement after 10 to 20 days of use. The effects should last for months, requiring only periodic maintenance for snoring remission.

The Goodsomnia device is a lightweight instrument that has an automatic 30 second timer. There are 3 + 1 power LED indicators designated for power, charging and Bluetooth.  Along with a handy carrying case, there is a base stand with inductive charger, a 110V/240V 2x USB adapter and a 1.3 meter USB-micro USB cable.

Participants in the Goodsomnia test program will be asked to use an app and a special wristband that collects health data like sound, movement, heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen.  Once compiled, this data will then be anonymously delivered to Goodsomnia researchers.  This information will offer insights into how quickly snoring is resolved and will be used to enhance product development for general release. Participants will also be able to access the aggregate statistical database to compare their results with all 1,000 others in the program.

If you would like to join the Goodsomnia program and try out this powerful stop-snoring device for yourself, you may do so by visiting the Goodsomnia Indiegogo page. Participants will be able to choose from various Goodsomnia products including the Goodsomnia kit, Super Early Bird kit, Early Bird kit, and Goodsomnia Luxury kit at a steeply discounted price. Once you reserve your kit and complete the registration process, you will soon receive your app and wristband. 

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