Denise Alessandra Ambroggio Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Produce Beulah – The Realm of the Unconscious

Beulah, originally Hebrew בְּעוּלָה (bÿ’ulah, traditionally transliterated “Beulah” /ˈbjuːlə/, that means: “married” or “espoused”) is the source of poetic inspiration, a dreamy paradise where the sexes, though divided, blissfully converse in shameless selflessness. Beulah is available through dreams and visions.

A film created by writer, director, and lead actress Denise Alessandra Ambroggio that delves into the life of actress Beulah’s psychological struggle with overcoming her fears.

Anything can happen in our dreams. We spend more than a third of our lives in a dream state…imagine what could happen if we learned how to perceive the true possibilities of our imagination. A visionary story on one woman’s dream to overcome her fears and paving a path into a life she has always wanted, Beulah speaks to everyone who has ever been held back by their own fears.  Filled with twists and turns, but also a sense of hope, this film challenges watchers to take a stand for who they are.  Ambroggio is ready to share with the audience a world of artistic expression that will leave viewers with a new sense of passion for what may be missing in their lives.  

After obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in Media Design & Multimedia Arts in 2015 from Italy’s highly accredited college, Nuova Academia di Belle Arti (NABA), Ambroggio earned a scholarship to Santa Fe University of Art and Design in New Mexico.  There she wrote and directed her first short film End Trip.

Next, she was granted a second scholarship for an MA accelerated program at The New York Film Academy in Burbank, California, where she graduated in Film & Media Production and created the movie Dandelion.  From there, she traveled to Borneo, Malaysia and shot a documentary of the remaining indigenous tribes.

She has worked on a variety of films and filled many different shoes such as 1st Assistant Director, Production Designer, Digital Imaging Technician, 1st Assistant Cameraman, and lead actress in various short movies and plays.

The goal of this film is to delve into the character’s psychology, examine what is left unsaid, and convey what is truly being said between the lines by intertwining dream world and reality. Because this is what happens in every one’s life.

The Indiegogo campaign, located on the web at, offers pledge levels from $10 to $1,000, with rewards including:

$10 DAY DREAMER: a special thanks in the credits of the movie
• $ 25 DOZING: a special thanks in the credits and a digital download of Beulah

• $50 HYPNAGOGIC STATE: a special thanks in the credits and a DVD copy of the movie

• $100 REM SLEEP: a special thanks in the credits, a DVD, and an invitation to the premiere in Los Angeles and/or Milan, Italy

• $500 DREAMER: an executive producer credit, a DVD, and an invitation to the premiere in Los Angeles and/or Milan, Italy

• $ 1000+ DREAMER: an executive producer credit, a DVD, an invitation to the premiere, and a share in the revenue that is proportional to the subscription amount

For more information, visit the Indiegogo page.

About Beulah – The Realm of the Unconscious:  

Beulah is the name of a movie that delves into the psychology of overcoming the fears that keep a person from realizing their dreams.

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