All encompassing review site for rice cooking in America

November, US – Cooker Fanatics has announced that it will be publishing extensive reviews of the rice cookers used across America. With the increasing consumption of rice throughout America, the competition is getting tighter between the cookers and Cooker Fanatics has made it easier for the rice lovers across America and worldwide to choose the best rice cooker for them. The website has a wide range of detailed reviews of all the major rice cookers available in the American market.

The aim of Cooker Fanatics is to provide authentic recommendations and experienced feedback on some of the quality and top-notch branded rice cookers available in the American market. Moreover, there are many valuable tips on how to choose the best rice cooker while shopping. In addition, cooking techniques to get the best results from the rice are also shared on the website to get the most taste and essence out of each grain.

“When you cook rice in a normal rice pot, most of the taste and moisture evaporate with the steam. The cooked rice seems a bit stiff, and they break easily. On the other hand, the best rice cookers not only makes your rice delicious but also steamy and full of taste.” Said Maryann G. Grubb of the Cooker Fanatics while discussing about her website.

The social media presence of Cooker Fanatics on almost all the major platforms has brought the interactive side of the company to the front. The comments and feedback of the users have enabled the company to further enhance its reviews about the rice makers. The best thing about the website is that it deals specifically with the rice cooking devices and no other product. That leads it to put its entire focus in one direction unlike most of the contemporary reviewing website that puts a plethora of information on their homepages ending up confusing the users.

Popular brands of rice cookers such as Zojirushi, Aroma, Panasonic and Instant Pot are not only rated, but are also being compared to their technical specifications and other features. All the reviews and ratings on the website are based on genuine authenticated personal experiences of chefs and housewives using these cookers. Rice has gained significant popularity in the American cuisine over the past few years and an average American now consumes rice about thrice a week. Therefore, choosing the best cooker for rice is a high priority for every kitchen in America.

Rice is a delicate dish and needs to be cooked with perfection. Slight changes in the cooking style or temperature can change the entire taste, structure and state of the grains. In these circumstances, Cooker Fanatics are an ultimate paradise for the rice lovers to not only choose the best cooker but also learn some of the ingenious tips and techniques to cook with perfection. 

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