Exodus Place to end homelessness for military veterans in Michigan

822 homeless veterans to be rehabilitated and provided with shelter, education, medicals, etc. by Christmas 2017

Today, Exodus Place, an organization created to rehabilitate and develop homeless military veterans announced the project to end veteran homelessness in Michigan by Christmas 2017. The organization is not just providing housing and three hot meals, but a complete support in education, vocational training, medical health, mental health, transportation, clothing and substance abuse assessment for the veterans. They also plan to provide spiritual support via regular Bible studies, provide computer skills and instructions, and prepare veterans for reintroduction into the workforce.

“It is a complete plan that will ensure that everyone is given a second chance to get their life back on track. We are not just providing meals and shelter, but complete package, with a special focus on education and vocational training. We want the state of Michigan to be homeless-military-veteran free by Christmas 2017. No one should ever be left behind,” said Robb Munger, president of Exodus Place.

Exodus Place plans to rescue every single military veteran in the state of Michigan, which currently stands at an estimated 822, by the Christmas of 2017. Any veteran that refuses assistance will be considered as appropriately sheltered, and rescue missions, weekly rental housing, and daily shelter will not be considered as appropriate housing.

Exodus Place will be providing medical attention with online doctor visits, complete registration of VA medical benefits, and provision of necessary medical prescriptions. They will also be providing proper mental health assessment as well as immediate clothing needs. Food will also be given, along with community spiritual assistance, referral to appropriate substance abuse program and adequate transportation.

“Joining Exodus Place is the best thing that ever happened to me. Initially, I joined just to have some shelter and food, but it turns at they have much more than that. I was able to learn new skills and improve my resume, which helped me in getting a new job. Now I am supporting myself and providing support to other people,” said Matthew S, a beneficiary. 

Exodus Place also provides education and financial resources for military veterans in their care. They assess their educational needs, assist in enrollment to vocational schools and colleges, and ensure they are connected to a peer-to-peer support person. They also provide financial resources which include employment readiness testing, resume building, emergency funding assistance and disability assistance.

About Exodus Place
Exodus Place is an organization that caters for homeless military veterans in the state of Michigan. They provide a facility that is focused on rehabilitation and development of veterans in distress. They also provide education for veterans and prepare them for employment. For more information, please contact robb@exodusplace.org, or visit www.exodusplace.org.

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