CEO Comes Out Of Hiding: Pierce Alexander Lilholt Announces Release Of ULP TV

New York City, New York – What happens when a notoriously private CEO goes missing? While rarely photographed, Mr. Pierce Alexander Lilholt, CEO of Universal Language Productions, LLC, is quite active behind the scenes.

Of his absence from public life, Mr. Pierce Alexander Lilholt said “I wasn’t ‘in hiding’. I was just busy making ULP TV extra awesome”.

And he did, indeed. Mr. Pierce Alexander Lilholt’s latest venture, developed by his software powerhouse company, Lilholt Technology Solutions, LLC, in collaboration with the company’s branding partner, Universal Language Productions LLC, is none other than ULP TV app. ULP TV is a video-streaming, cross-platform mobile app, which allows users to view any video content available on the internet on their mobile devices.

Mr. Pierce Alexander Lilholt came out victorious after dealing with a serious security leak during the app’s development stage. Having successfully managed to maintain the project’s integrity safe from vicious competitive interests, Mr. Pierce Alexander Lilholt has finally deemed that the tireless work that has gone into created the app has resulted in it being ready for launch to its eager audience. 

“I thought developing ULP TV was fun, and now it is time to have fun watching ULP TV!” said Mr. Pierce Alexander Lilholt. He continued, “I think ULP TV is ready for the public, because I think it is fun enough for everyone to enjoy”.

ULP TV’s launch is going to take the media world by storm, as it is set to change the way people watch television. Universal Language Productions will roll out ULP TV’s initial version on the wide-reaching platforms of Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Android, as well as on all web browsers, giving anyone with access to the Internet the opportunity to enjoy ULP TV, from anywhere they might be.

While viewers wonder whether this is the last time they will get a glimpse of Lilholt Technology Solutions’ CEO, Mr. Pierce Alexander Lilholt assures that “My private life is private, but my public interests don’t exclude anyone”. Mr. Pierce Alexander Lilholt will make select guest appearances, collaborating, at this time, exclusively with ULP TV content creators.

ULP TV’s audience will get to enjoy Mr. Pierce Alexander Lilhot’s participation in the Boating With Billy show with William Sheldon Martin, BUGYUM with Addison Lilholt, and the Fun Tony show with Santos Trujillo. Mr. Pierce Alexander Lilholt’s confidants say that further hinted that he will make choice surprise appearances on other ULP TV productions, too.

While Mr. Pierce Alexander Lilholt will remain fiercely protective of his private life, he will always strive to include the public into his various entrepreneurial endeavors. Appreciative of individuals who express their support in his ventures, Mr. Pierce Alexander Lilholt pledges to devote much of his private time into creating even more exciting, highly engaging projects, which promise to be just as revolutionary as ULP TV.

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