Furious Mothers Disapprove Of SUXCOM: A Fresh Outrage In America

Los Angeles, California – It all started in Los Angeles, but now waves of mass hysteria are now sweeping the nation. Parents are perturbed by the online video content platform SUXCOM – and a demanding a full-scale investigation into it, claiming it is promoting disturbing and pornographic material to their unsuspecting children.

SUXCOM, LLC, specializing in digital media distribution and intellectual property management, maintains that the company is free of of pornography and pornographic intentions.

An authorized representative of SUXCOM, LLC assured that “SUXCOM LLC remains unaffiliated with pornography. While SUXCOM is no stranger to the macabre and bizarre, SUXCOM is in no way affiliated with the adult entertainment industry”. He continued, “While SUXCOM LLC is appropriate for adult audiences and may offer media which parents may consider unsuitable for their children, SUXCOM does not consider itself a part of the adult entertainment industry”.

As SUXCOM, LLC is taking Hollywood, America and the entire world by storm, spreading by word of mouth, it was expected that it would gather a league of supporters, as well as a slew of opponents – the latter being, predominantly, parents.

However, SUXCOM, LLC aims to promote moral consciousness and righteous actions; advocating honorable and ethical decision making, and defending the rights and protections granted to all Americans through the first amendment of the constitution. SUXCOM, LLC is against any form of online censorship, and an avid proponent of free speech.

The company believes that the Internet is nothing more than a binary system, which is inherently not bad, and can be used as a tool for learning. SUXCOM, LLC’s authorized representative said “Binary systems comprised of ones and zeroes, yesses and nos, ons and offs and what is essentially math that is translated into the languages people grew up learning, convey nothing more than ideas. While ideas can be dangerous, nothing is more dangerous than disallowing ideas”.

No matter their stance on SUXCOM, the company encourages people to share their opinions about what they like or hate about the platform. SUXCOM, LLC’s authorized representative concluded by saying “SUXCOM is not for everyone. Everyone has preferences, and we encourage people to love and hate SUXCOM. If you love SUXCOM, love loving SUXCOM. If you hate SUXCOM, love hating SUXCOM”.

To learn more about SUXCOM, please visit: http://www.suxcom.com/

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