New Infographic on Health and Safety Statistics Released

London, United Kingdom — Bryan & Armstrong Ltd is a specialist health and safety recruitment agency dedicated to providing companies seeking qualified candidates, on an interim or permanent basis. In addition, the company strives to help aspiring HSE professionals find the position that is just right for them to help them gain that experience they need to achieve their goals. An infographic by Bryan & Armstrong has been recently released, containing statistics on health and safety pertaining to the years 2015 and 2016. The purpose was to inform those in the field about the changes experienced and the current state of health and safety in the United Kingdom.

Bryan & Armstrong Ltd always strives to become extremely familiar with the type of job vacancies businesses are looking for them to fill, as well as with the clients who are hopeful for the opportunity to fulfill those vacancies. By getting as much information as possible on both parties, the recruitment company can find what the best match is for everyone involved. Based on the client’s region, the type of contract they are looking for, the industry they work in, and what their specialties are, Bryan & Armstrong can find the best matches for both the employee and the company they will be working for, creating the most successful arrangements.

The 2015/16 infographic Bryan & Armstrong Ltd has just released reveals a lot about the industry that professionals in the field could benefit from. Including statistics regarding topics like the illnesses caused or made worse by working, the regions in which injuries and fatalities are occurring, and how much these health and safety issues are costing Britain, the infographic has information that could make any professional in the field a more informed worker.

Bryan & Armstrong encourages its clients to look at the infographic and the information it contains, to keep up-to-date and informed with the amount of injuries occurring in the country are, and what the repercussions of those injuries might be. The company continues to work in the interest of providing both businesses and prospective employees with the best matches possible to further the success of both parties—and being well informed about the industry they are participating in as well is, of course, a part of that mission.

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