London Startup on Mission to Fix the Phone Repair Industry

London— Repairly, a progressive London startup, is on a steadfast mission to revolutionise the phone repair industry. Founded by Richard Edwards and Fraser Williams, the pair began their business because they recognised a problem with the industry standards for fixing mobile devices, like Andriod or iPhone repairs. Predicating their business on convenience and simplicity, Repairly is steadily making headway in the industry and becoming the staple for other businesses to look toward.

Considering the investment people make in their phones, it is important to have a solution that is dependable for when there is any kind of mishap with an individual’s phone. With their user-first solutions and innovative ways of approaching the phone repair industry, it is evident how Repairly is competing in a niche that has been slow-to-change.

Claiming that, “People were having to wait weeks for repairs from insurers, getting ripped off at poor-quality local repair shops, or taking time out of their day to queue in their manufacturer’s store,” the founders of Repairly noticed that there had to be a better way to deal with the inconvenient protocols that left customers disgruntled and victims of terrible customer service. Relying on current technology, they decided to launch their service, which would allow users to relish in a simple and easy way to fix their devices.

Repairly collects, repairs, and returns users phones, within hours. Even more, users can track their order along every step of the way, with the average turnaround time being two hours. Users are only required to book online, and a representative will pick up the phone and take it to the closest engineer to fix the issue. Confident of what they offer, the London company offers a 20-year warranty on all the parts that they service on products, providing a quality-assurance unlike similar companies.

Having received funding from big names like, Virgin Media, Techstars and Ignite100, Edwards and Williams seem to be determined to succeed, as is also evident in their involvement with projects, like and Supplying London-natives with an unprecedented service, is now offering both phone and tablet repair, with laptop fixes on the foreseeable horizon. With the aim to challenge the standard of the phone repair industry, it is fair to conclude that Repairly is quickly transforming the industry.

Contact: Richard Edwards


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Company Name: Repairly
Contact Person: Richard Edwards
Phone: 447849621669
Address:TechSpace 5th Floor, 38-40 Commercial Road, e11ln
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