MILK desk – The ideal customizable ergonomic desk!

Augsburg, Bavaria – Created by the cutting-edge designer Søren Rose, the innovative MILK desk offers individuals a customizable workspace that adjusts to every individual need. Stylish and smart, the design has recently gained popularity as an ideal ergonomic desk for any workspace.

When it comes to the manufacturing of desks and appliances designated for the workspace, very few designers consider more than just the shallow factors of their products, such as the mere external design and sub-par functionality. Some individuals bear with these products simply because they are not aware that there do exist furnishings by designers that consider the consumer’s comfort, health, and ideal style when designing the product. Because of low-quality designs and the strain of sitting for long periods of time, consumers who work primarily at desks and live a sedentary lifestyle can experience negative effects that include weight gain, high blood pressure, and abnormal cholesterol levels.

As a unique design, the MILK desk functions through what the designer dubs a be-here-now approach that works to offer stress relief and promote productivity. In addition, the standing desk functions as a compatible, high-quality commodity for the workplace. The ergonomic desk is height-adjustable and adapts easily to provide adequate support to those sitting, allowing each person to work effectively and comfortably.

Further, the functional capacity of the MILK desk proves profound, featuring four compartments with ample room to fit workspace tools, an integrated cable tray, cable outlets, discrete cord management, ample notebook storage, and a large, sleek surface. The MILK desk also comes in four different styles, allowing for ultimate customization by the consumer and adherence to individual demand. These styles include the MILK Classic desk, the “made-for-teamwork” 4MILK desk, the “CEO-sized” MILK Grande desk, and a miniature MILK Mini desk. Built both for style and function, the available desk top furnishes options for each MILK desk include either a matte or high-gloss white top.

The MILK desk designer, Søren Rose, describes the design as “a smart, stylish, and ergonomic option for hard-working people who work hours upon hours at their workspace desks.”

With more information available at, the MILK desk offers buyers the ultimate opportunity to invest in a desk that is adjustable to every need and radiates a sense of style that reflects both the innovative features of the desk and the demand of the consumer. As a desk that is guaranteed to become a beloved furnishing in any workspace, the MILK desk has a great deal to offer every diligent, hard-working individual.

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