One Of The Most Talked About Fantasy Novels Now Available On Amazon

Graven Vengeance: Overlord Warriors is a fantasy novel that has gained worldwide attention.

A UK author has managed to do something that thousands of other authors could only wish to achieve, and that is to set social media alive and have thousands of fantasy novel fans talk about their book. Author Benjamin Smith has done just that with his debut YA Fantasy Book Graven Vengeance: Overlord Warriors.

The fantasy book, which is available on Amazon ( follows the story of Xaizden who is a Dark Lord that rules over Fellowdonia in the fantasy video game Graven Vengeance. The much talked about book which has been described as gripping and hard to put down. It has been written in such a clever way it makes the reader feel they are  in the story where a small rebel group called the Graven Clan battle to overturn Xaizden with the aim to bring peace to their world and make it beautiful as it was before Xaizden became so powerful.

Graven Vengeance: Overlord Warriors has gained a great deal of attention in the UK, The USA, and Australia and now it has become available on Amazon it is receiving five-star reviews including one from Bookreader

“Great story! I love the writer’s style and description. I enjoyed reading the book and thought it was interesting. I thought the plot was strong and had good flow. The characters were great and likable. All in all, worth your money,” said Bookreader.

The book is currently available as a Kindle Download and is also available as a printed book. The paperback version is available for $11.99 while the Kindle download is available for $3.00.

Benjamin Smith, the author of the new fantasy short story, said: “I am so pleased that people are enjoying my short story. The aim of the book was to excite young people and make them feel they are a part of the story.”

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About Benjamin Smith.

Benjamin Smith is an author who writes books about a video game world Graven Vengeance. They include stories about young people like you who are teleported into a world with Dragons, Evil Dark Lord and they become Warriors with amazing special powers.

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