OYA Body-Mind-Spirit Retreats Provides Welcoming Yoga Experiences for Women of Color

For women of color in the United Kingdom, there are few yoga environments that cater to their specific needs.  Often these women come from cultural backgrounds that are unlike the mainstream, putting a number of obstacles in exploring yoga. In an effort to tear down these barriers and provide women of color the opportunity to improve their spiritual and physical wellbeing, OYA Body-Mind-Spirit Retreats has begun offering a series of yoga and wellness retreats—the first of their kind for U.K. minority women.

Offered as weekend or urban day retreats, these outings take place at country homes far from the hectic pace of urban life.  Each retreat includes a variety of yoga, Reiki and meditation sessions that introduce newcomers and advanced students to these powerful physical and spiritual enrichment exercises. Just as importantly, OYA Body-Mind-Spirit Retreats offers a safe environment for women to relax and shrug off familial, professional and cultural responsibilities, enabling them to interact as they truly are.

Founded in February 2016, OYA Body-Mind-Spirit Retreats plans two weekend retreats and two urban retreats in the first year, with four weekend retreats and eight urban retreats in 2017.  Each of these requires considerable financing for venues, yoga mats, and support materials.  In phase two, OYA Body-Mind-Spirit Retreats will organize a three day festival, while in phase three, the organization would like to purchase a facility.

In order to organize the events for 2017, OYA Body-Mind-Spirit Retreats will need to raise £35,000.  To secure these funds, OYA Body-Mind-Spirit Retreats has sponsored a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo.  If you back this important project, you may receive valuable perks like Oya-branded clothing, 30 minute consultation, personalized yoga sequence, hand-made drawing of Om, or an invitation to a weekend retreat. To learn more about OYA Body-Mind-Spirit Retreats or to make a donation to this worthy cause, please visit https://goo.gl/6DSOXH.

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