Idaho Man Helps People Write Christmas Letters

How an Idaho man helps people who hate writing Christmas Letters by making this easy and fun.

There is never any doubt about having a white Christmas at Steve and Cindy Long’s cabin in the woods. It is so quiet there that you can almost hear the snow pile up as one flake falls on top of another. Surrounded by tall trees, the cabin resembles a ginger bread house covered with frosting. On a dark night, the smell of wood smoke lingers in the air and only a few lights can be seen inside. Although the lights are now electric, this holiday season Steve will be burning the midnight oil and working long into the night.

During the holidays people that think he looks like Santa, a large man with white hair and a long white beard. In fact for twenty years he “worked” for Santa making wooden toys and selling them at fairs. Now a senior citizen, he no longer makes toys but he will be busy as ever this holiday season. Steve is in the Christmas letter business and writes Christmas letters for people who don’t want to write letters themselves.

When he first told a few people about this idea they thought he was nuts. Who would need help writing their Christmas letters and why wouldn’t people just do this themselves? He knows that most people will write and edit their own holiday letters but many people just don’t like writing letters of any kind. Others see this as a chore, which takes hours and hours of their time. Some customers resent this annual and never ending obligation and send his letters as a form of protest.

Mostly he sells tongue-in-cheek Christmas form letters. These Christmas Form Letters obviously look like form letters and this is part of the fun and also let people save time. The form letters can be downloaded so that people can print the letters, fill in the name(s) of the addressee, check a few boxes, sign their names and they are done. These 2 page humorous form letters are available in 5 styles; The Original style for singles and couples, The Parents style, The Seniors style , and the Brag style for people who want you to know how much money they have, and the Procrastinator style for those who are often late.. People can print as many letters as they need for one low price.

In case someone wants a holiday letter that doesn’t look like a form letter he also offers to write a Personalized Christmas Letter that he calls an un-form letter which looks looks and reads like a traditional letter. These are written using information provided by the customer so that nobody will ever know that the customer did not write the letter themselves.

When asked how he got the idea to get into the Christmas Letter business he will tell you that he isn’t exactly sure. He remembers one Christmas letter that he wrote to family and friends years ago. As a mini protest against holiday newsletters, he mailed, a humorous and mostly fake letter to family and friends describing their (fictitious) daughter, Darlene, and complaining that she was pregnant once again. He told people that their (make believe) son, Billy, was in trouble with the law and added a few other made up events. Most people thought that this was hilarious but a few did not share this opinion. In any case this was the seed that lead to the birth of Steve’s real Christmas Form Letters.

You can contact Steve via his web site at and he wants to be sure to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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