Genuine Service Dog Registration Companies Becoming Hard to Find

Santa Barbara, CA – Service Dog Registration of America is a service dog registration company that provides individuals in need of a service dog with all the information they need to register a service dog in the United States. As the official service dog registration company in the USA, SDRA works to make the service dog registration process an easy one.

There is a lot that tends to be misunderstood about service dogs because of faulty information that is spread by non-credible sources. For instance, many individuals don’t know the difference between service dogs and emotional support dogs; this can create confusion in finding and receiving legitimate service dog certification. The lack of understanding can also make occurrences within everyday life bothersome for individuals with disabilities that need their service animal to help guide them and perform trained tasks.

Service Dog Registration of America is a company that works to ease the stress of the registration process and acts as an informative guide for individuals who have questions about what service dogs are, how to register them, and the benefits of doing so. As an official registration company, there is no question to the legitimacy of its provided information, therefore functioning as an invaluable resource not just for disabled individuals who own or need a service dog, but for loved ones of a person with a disability that wish to better understand the process.

Besides Official Dog certification, SDRA additionally offers professional service dog certification kits, and other relevant products, including: ESA vests, harnesses, service dog collars, PVC ID’s, and more. The company makes the registration process easy and simple, and ensures that every person with a disability in need of a service dog knows all the benefits that comes with registering their animal.

One visitor of the SDRA website, Candyce Bearthompson, says, “I just want to thank you for making it so easy for me to take my service dog with me. I recently flew on Jet Blue Airline with my dog and had no trouble at all.”

As an official dog registration company based in the United States,

strives to make the process for registering service dogs an easy one for those in need. Finding a genuine registration company for service dogs can be difficult, but with SDRA, individuals can be sure to find the right information and the correct registration needed for their trained animal.

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