Talkimate from Sydney brings their “Push-to-talk companion” project to Kickstarter

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SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – 11/29/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Talkimate is a weatherproof remote speaker microphone that can be paired with both IOS and Android Smartphones.  This slick urban design talkimate is the creation of a group of PTT app users. “We have both used and studied with traditional walkie talkie and smartphone with PTT app, but we were dissatisfied with the tradeoffs that we do not have other choices on the market,” says Dennis.  So one day they decided that there had to be a better solution for low sound volume and wet weather condition while just using the smartphone for PTT communication. This led to the creation of the Talkimate.

After 2 years of developments, several rounds of prototyping, they have created sleek and functional prototypes out of waterproof elements and have tested them in both in IOS and Android Smartphone.   It’s a project they’re very excited about.  However, “As a small design firm, our loans limit our ability to fund the project ourselves,” says Rita.  Therefore, the team has taken their idea to in an attempt to raise AU$30,000 in 45 days.

Talkimate incorporates design components from both the walkie talkie and smartphone, it is a significantly more versatile accessory than using smartphone alone.  “This stylishly finished smartphone accessory is designed to be waterproof and is ready to cope with all weather condition. Outdoor enthusiast can now do more activities together with distance to each other. It contains an independent rechargeable battery which would provide over 24 hour talk time and extend up to 1.3 times of your smartphone battery power.” Says Rita. Talkimate features a 2 watts high-quality speaker and together with 2 noise reduction microphone, the design has enhanced the quality of voice transmission to an optimal level.

Kickstarter campaigns operate under an “all-or-nothing” funding model so if the Talkimate project doesn’t reach its goal at the end of 45 days then it might be years before you’ll see it on the market. To follow their project, be sure to find them on Twitter (@talkimate) and Facebook and spread the word to your social media networks.  Consider donating as little as $5 to help their project come to life.  If you decide to pledge more, you might be among the first in the world to travel and  communicate with Talkimate.

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