Unicol has long been known as a leading player in AV mounting solutions, and with its range of TV wall mounts comes its ‘dedicated’ range, which is specifically-built and designed for every TV model imaginable.

UNITED KINGDOM, 2016 – With the ever-increasing variety of audio visual technology and equipment available today, Unicol can proudly say that it keeps up with the times. This well-known AV mounting solution designer and manufacturer has been providing customers with high-quality and well-designed support equipment for AV technology for more than 50 years.

Unicol itself further explains: “Over the years Unicol’s range of trolleys and mounting brackets has extended to cover almost every make and model of television receiver, video projector, plasma and LCD screen on the market. However, many large projects require bespoke solutions and it has been the policy of Unicol to provide solutions for these. From airports to high street retail outlets, from city brokers to schools, Unicol Special Products Division has been designing mounting solutions for some of the most complex AV projects in the UK and overseas.”

Amongst the many trusted and popular products Unicol has produced and manufactured over the years, the ‘dedicated’ range of TV wall mounts stand out. These approved wall mounts have been specially-designed for every make and model of television that exists. Thanks to this ‘dedicated’ range, the guesswork often associated with the ordering and installation of TV mounts is all but obliterated. Whatever make or model the display is, Unicol can be sure to provide customers with exactly what they need. As Unicol adds, “Our range covers all popular makes of TV displays and are available in landscape or portrait versions.”

For instance, the dedicated slim line flat mount landscape display can accommodate screens of up to 110 inches, whilst the slim line flat mount portrait version can accommodate a display of as much as 70 inches. Meanwhile, the tilting landscape mount can accommodate screens between 70 to 110 inches, and the tilting portrait mount has the ability to accommodate a screen size from between 70 to 90 inches.

Customers can choose from the range of slim line flat mounts for both portrait and landscape, tilting mounts for landscape, and tilting mounts for portrait. Furthermore, this ‘dedicated’ range of mounts has the added benefit of being designed as well as tested in the factory for every screen make and model, and has provisions for cooling vents and cable entry.

About the company: Unicol is a leading designer and manufacturer of AV mounting solutions for TVs, projectors, and large-format displays. For more information on its TV wall mount selection, visit the Unicol website. 

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