GK Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH launches Karusselldrehmaschinen heavy-duty vertical lathes

Innovative machine comes with standard accessories and guarantees optimal output performance

Today, GK Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH announced the launch of Karusselldrehmaschinen, which are heavy-duty vertical lathes, designed for optimal production performance. The machines have been designed and manufactured by a reliable research and development team with a track record of innovation, quality, and sustainability. They have also gone through rigorous QC testing and laser measurement system. Karusselldrehmaschinen comes with standard accessories like an air conditioner for spindle gearbox, hydraulic unit, auto lubrication system, Fanuc control system, Crossrail clamping system, rotary table transmission, etc.

“Our machines are of high quality, designed to satisfy our customers’ needs. They have gone through proper testing, to ensure they deliver high performance more than anything else in the market. We paid careful attention to details to make sure that the machines are error free. It is innovation and service delivered to attain perfection,” said Nils Rückert, Managing Director.

Apart from the standard accessories, customers may also select optional accessories like active workpiece checking, tool holder, magnetic chuck, linear encoder, Siemens control and air conditioner for the electrical cabinet. These accessories can be added to improve vertical workpiece and overall efficiency of the machine.

The C Axis of the machines combines power spindles, spindle motor with a 2-step transmission to deliver efficient end milling, grinding, tapping, and face milling.  Likewise, the CF Axis that comes with high-resolution servo motor guarantees high precision indexing up to 6 arc seconds. The machine is also equipped with multi-function machining that provides turning, boring, face milling, grinding and other operation in one set-up.

“We love the efficiency of these machines. They just perform beyond our expectation, helping us deliver our services and operations faster and with higher precisions. A lot of work must have gone into ensuring that they deliver such impressive output. We are proud of GK Werkzeugmaschinen’s achievement in adding value to technology,” said Meinke T, a customer.

Karusselldrehmaschinen also comes with coolant reservoir, three-color warning lights, oil/water separator, swarf conveyor and carriages, transformer, filter for cooling water, and extra high engine cover.

GK Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH
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