FreeMAX Desk Introduces the EDOD to Make Working On a Surface Easier to Handle

Design of the Desk Uses a Simple and Easy to Follow Body

November 29, 2016 – The EDOD desk device from FreeMAX Desk has been introduced as a brand new adjustable desk model. This is designed with an arrangement that helps people to feel more comfortable when they are trying to use a desk for any purpose one might have. The desk can be quickly adjusted in a variety of heights and will fit on top of one’s existing desk. This creates a simple setup that makes one’s working space a little easier to handle without being more complicated than needed.

The people behind this product designed this with the knowledge that a desk at one’s workplace can be difficult to work with. This comes as most items are not adjustable. However, by using the EDOD product, the user will avoid the problems that often come with desks that are not easy to handle.

The EDOD product is made with a powerful arrangement that is easy to handle. This is to be used on one’s existing desk, thus meaning that there’s no need to change the desk.

Specifically, the EDOD is made with a design where the original flat surface on a desk is fastened onto a support system on the apparatus that comes with it. This allows the desk to be kept at an even and consistent rate.

This works with a simple physical arrangement. Specifically, the keyboard and mouse or other item commonly used on a desk will be placed on the flat surface. The base of the EDOD piece will be placed on the main body of the desk. This then creates a good control scheme to keep the desk easier to use. This can work well regardless of the user’s size or how the chair on a desk might be positioned.

Afterwards, the EDOD device can be placed at the spot where one’s desk normally is. It can also be adjusted by being moved up or down based on one’s control needs. It can even support a computer monitor at the top part if desired.

This uses up to four preset memory options. The power adjustment feature makes it easier for the user to control the desk and to get it set at different heights.

The tilt angle on the screen can also be adjusted with ease. This uses a simple level material that will move the monitor around as well as needed.

The single platform used on the EDOD improves how the work space is handled as it does not take up more space than necessary. The elbow is also carefully supported here to create a powerful arrangement that is not too hard to use in any case.

Also, when the desk surface is lowered all the way, it will be flush with the main body of the desk that it is placed on top of. This creates a comfortable space that should not be hard to apply.

People looking to get more out of a quality desk should see what the EDOD from FreeMAX Desk device has to offer. This will be available through a Kickstarter campaign in December 2016 and will be especially attractive for all to review in more detail.

About the Company: The FreeMAX Desk company is the creator of its EDOD device. The company made this to create a simple surface that makes a desk a little easier to handle.

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