Dallas Based Author and and Illustrator Release a Beautiful Book with a Powerful and Timely Message

DALLAS, TX – 11/29/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Yvette Grove, Dallas-based public speaker, entrepreneur and innovative author, has released a book that grabs the youngest of readers for a wild adventure of learning to fully standout when most just want to fit in.

Lily’s Deliciously Different Day” is beautifully illustrated by Tabitha Bogard, who took the vision of Lily and matched the story line by making it different than any other book. The art showcases how dull the world would be if we were all the same. Lily wants to be like everyone else, she gets her wish and it goes terribly wrong! Lily wakes up and her whole world is the same. Finding encouragement from an unlikely source, a hummingbird named Ruby, Lily and her best friend Desi discover that the world is quite dreadful when everything is the same.

Although the message resonates with all ages, Grove is especially passionate about teaching the youngest generation about loving and valuing differences found in themselves and others, instead of putting them on display with aggressive behavior. To this end, the book also aims to reduce the incidents of bullying and hoping that children will embrace diversity, an understanding for others and their inherent value.

Grove has spent the past 20 years helping others discover and pursue their dreams, now she is pursuing her own with “Lily’s Deliciously Different Day” as the first book/product of her brand YNot. Grove teamed up with Dallas-based award winning designer and visual artist Tabitha Bogard creating a visually delightful story with a message that could not be more timely.

The book was released on Tuesday November 15, 2016, Grove is currently speaking and reading to schools, libraries, organizations and corporations in Dallas and South Florida in November. Grove and Bogard have been partnering with their fans to provide books to children of The Trinity Basin Preparatory School in Oak Cliff.


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