WeeTect Published a Complete Guide for Photochromic Technology

WeeTect, the leading manufacturer and supplier of photochromic lenses and anti-fog solutions, has published an eBook called A Complete Guide for Photochromic Technology. This eBook is available for free on WeeTect’s official website.

Readers can access the online version published on the website’s resources section. Alternatively, they can download the PDF version for from this section.

“We are delighted to publish A Complete Guide for Photochromic Technology and would like to thank our technical team and partners for their contribution,” said Taylors Lei, WeeTect Product Manager. “This is part of our effort to create a complete online resource center where everyone can access information for free on photochromic technology, safety and anti-fog technology.”

The new guide for photochromic technology covers all the vital aspects in the photochromic industry.

About the eBook

A Complete Guide for Photochromic Technology is designed for both beginners and professionals in the photochromic industry. It acts as a guide to help manufacturers and end users choose the best photochromic accessories.

The main contents of the eBook include:

a) Introduction to photochromic technology

This section covers a complete review of photochromic technology such as: photochromic definition, history, molecules and compounds.  The section include videos and diagrams illustrating the photochromic process and concept.

b) How photochromic technology works

It illustrates how photochromic technology works and the various technologies in the industry such as photochromic coating, co-injection molding, matrix, in-mass and imbibed techniques.

It further explores photochromic effects and materials with the help of videos, chemical equations and diagrams.

c) Photochromic products

The section focuses on photochromic lenses and glasses, giving more insights on the working principle of each equipment. It also outlines the different types of lens brands in the market.

d) Application of photochromic technology

This section outlines all photochromic accessories such as goggles, windshields, sunglasses, shields, films and safety glasses.

It basically acts as guideline for users who wish to buy photochromic accessories.

This publication comes after WeeTect Material Ltd. begun producing a wide range of photochromic products:

• WeeTect Photochromic Goggles (WPG)
• WeeTect Photochromic Visors (WPV)
• WeeTect Photochromic Face Shields (WPFS)
• WeeTect Photochromic Lenses (WPL)

The company has introduced its unique technology called WeeTect Photochromic Technology. It uses both co-injection molding and coating to produce photochromic products.

“We are aware that there are very few eBooks on photochromic technology and we promise to bridge this gap,” added Taylors Lei. “Within the next one year, WeeTect will publish at least three photochromic eBooks and a number of research work. We cannot depend on hard copies of books available on the bookshelves anymore.”

Apart from this guide to photochromic technology, other free WeeTect eBooks include A Complete Handbook of Anti-fog Visor Inserts and The Ultimate Guide of Anti-fog Solution.

About WeeTect

WeeTect Material Limited is safety lens and visor manufacturer for OEM businesses. Since 1993, the company has invested R&D, producing a wide range of safety gears and anti-fog solutions. They include helmet visors, face shields, auto darkening helmets, plastic mirror and anti-fog solutions for foggy lenses, speedometers and IP cameras, with the recent product being the WeeTect Photochromic Lenses (WPL).

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