Shaun Morgan (International Banker) Targeted By Ex FBI Officer In Fabricated Case

In the case involving Shaun Morgan under indictment with the US authorities, new information has come to light throwing the entire case against Morgan into doubt.

In the case involving Shaun Morgan under indictment with the US authorities, new information has come to light throwing the entire case against Morgan into doubt. The initial complaint against Shaun Morgan (International Investment Banker) was launched by one ex FBI officer, and one time head of security at Zions Bank (Utah) for allegedly depositing a fake check. It has now been uncovered that Zions Bank have dismissed all actions against Shaun Morgan (see attached) and moved swiftly to remove Brent Robbins, ex FBI officer, from their employment. Zions Bank dismissed all actions against Shaun Morgan ‘with prejudice’ after realizing their errors and those coinciding with the actions of Brent Robbins. In news articles, it is claimed Mr. Morgan defrauded Zions Bank and owes them large sums of money. In the researching of court documents, it has been uncovered that in fact Zions Bank dismissed all claims against Shaun Morgan (with prejudice) and the entire allegation and subsequent news stories are nothing but a vendetta by an ex FBI officer-one Brent Robbins.

After leaving the employment of Zions Bank, Brent Robbins was re-employed by the FBI and commenced a ‘witch-hunt’ against Shaun Morgan in a personal vendetta to bring about his demise. With the support of the corrupted FBI field office of Utah, Brent Robbins and his fellow FBI officers, harassed Shaun Morgan, produced evidence of suspect nature, and employed tactics of intimidation to force Mr. Morgan into accepting allegations against him.

As this story continues to develop, it is becoming more disconcerting as the facts and information certainly do not make sense. The investigative journalist Craig Hind has tried to interview Brent Robbins in Utah and was met with many excuses why an interview would not be given, and was eventually also intimidated and threatened with an arrest. Mr. Robbins was asked (November 2015) “how does someone buy a home with a ‘fake check’ as per your allegations against Mr. Morgan. Certainly, the title of the home would not be given until a check is cleared”. The answer given by Mr. Robbins was quite telling with the whole story of fabrication. “It does not matter what the facts are, we had to remove Mr. Morgan’s ability to be a banker, to safeguard the community.” In asking the question again, Mr. Robbins actually confirmed that there were no properties actually ‘bought’ by Shaun Morgan and the entire allegation was another fabrication by the FBI and US authorities.

When asked the question, why he never tried to bring this information public, Mr. Morgan’s response was as unsettling as it is upsetting. Mr. Morgan stated “I was told if I ever wanted to see my family again, I had to agree to everything that was being said against me, and I could not refute any of the fabricated claims. The FBI threatened my ex wife and family and stated they would ensure I never saw them again if I challenged their fabrications by corrupt FBI officer Brent Robbins.”

As this investigative journalist is starting to realize, there is a lot more to this story than first appears. When it comes to the Shaun Morgan targeted case, the full story will continue to unfurl as more factual information becomes available. It is clear from these basic inquiries that there is corruption within the FBI and Shaun Morgan has been unfairly victimized by a law enforcement agency covering up for one of their own.

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