The New Hidden Audio – PA901 Series Panel Audio Systems from Panel audio Launched

Panel audio, a leading manufacturer of panel audio systems, recently launched their PA901 series audio systems.

Panel audio, a UK based manufacturer of lightweight and highly efficient audio systems, recently launched their PA901 series pane audio systems which are the latest in the list of hidden audio systems the company offers. The owners of Panel audio formally unveiled the latest audio systems at a trade fair.

Effective immediately, Panel audio will start selling and promoting the PA901 audio systems in the UK and worldwide. The owners added that they will now leverage their deep expertise in promoting and selling panel audio systems to raise awareness about this kind of audio systems to consumers worldwide.

The PA901 model has a frequency response of 60 Hz to 25 KHz and a continuous power rate of 100W RMS. The product has a peak power of 200W RMS. The owners recommended 150W amplification while explaining the features of the product at a trade fair. The product has a sensitivity of 90dB and a nominal impedance of 1 DML, 8ohm and both horizontal and vertical coverage of 165° each. The owners of Panel audio said that they may add more variants to the standard PA901 model in the future.

Panel audio’s audio systems are known for their lightweight nature as the products are thin, reducing transportation and rigging costs. Also, the panel audio systems produced by the company have very low room integration, almost eliminating the need for room treatment. The audio systems manufactured by Panel audio are also wide bandwidth devices, which makes them different from traditional audio systems.

According to the owners, they use a very different technology in their hidden audio speaker, which is called Distribution Mode Loudspeaker or DML technology. They added that the technology they use is non-pistonic and they also use a modal behaviour, which helps the panels to reproduce sound. They claimed that the technology they use is groundbreaking in many different ways.

“Before the PA901, we also launched PA501, PA601, PA602 and PA801 series panel audio systems. These systems have revolutionized the way we used to listen to music and other types of audio. Since we have our sales team on both sides of the Atlantic and distribution partners across the world, we can deliver PA901 and other products easily to any part of the world”, said the CEO of Panel audio.

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Panel audio is an audio system manufacturing company based in Glamorgan, UK.

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