A Brand New Kind of Wireless Earbuds Design from HeyGears

As true wireless devices have become the trend among wearable devices, intelligent wireless earphone also has become a must-have item among those tech appreciators. As a result, more and more brands have entered into this market competition. HeyGears Technology, an original design house /manufacturer founded in China, has unveiled a production-ready reference design recently – HeyGears U series.

As the new generation of product, which is based on the previous successful ear buds product “U.1”, the new U series includes three product variations. Among them are two already-announced cord-free earbuds and the last one, so-called the ‘flagship’ version, will be released soon.

As the first product in this series, U.1 Go has inherited the merits of its predecessor – “U.1”, but with fraction of its cost. The characteristics of U.1 Go include truly wireless designed, high-quality acoustic performance, attractive exterior, etc. All of which makes it the pioneer among all true wireless earbuds. However, the price of U.1 Go is very competitive which makes it available for most enthusiasts.


Next comes the smallest device in the family- U.1 Air, which only weights 6g and is likely the smallest wireless earbuds in the world. In order to achieve U.1 Air’s minimal weight, the engineers from HeyGears put humongous effort into improving its user experience with no compromise to any increase in weight or size.  When you take U.1 Air out of the charging box or put it in, the earbuds turns on and off automatically. On top of its size advantage, U.1 Air carries the most cutting-edge wireless technology while maintaining a high-quality acoustic performance. If you are looking for an exceedingly small pair of earbuds with amazing acoustic experience, U.1 Air is your best choice.

Both of these two products have their own advantages and aim at different marketing groups respectively. HeyGears wants to send the message that although the company place priority on aesthetic design of products, the main focus of HeyGears will still be on internal hardware and software development. According to positive market feedbacks, HeyGears’ release of true wireless earbuds with ergonomic designs had offered amazing user experiences most customers have never experienced before.  

As for the third one, will it add more intelligent functions, such as built-in motion and heart rate sensor to help monitor fitness data? It is not clear that how would HeyGears design their ‘flagship’ product. However, as wearable devices gradually become a small intelligent platform, rich built-in functions are the key elements that help design houses to obtain superiority in the competition. And we can expect that HeyGears will bring us more amazing changes into this field.

HeyGears Technology is a newly-formed company which focuses on research and development of intelligent wearable devices. The product idea of HeyGears is ‘Bring future technologies to the present days’. U.1 wireless earbuds, HeyGears’s first generation of product, has been sold out 30,000 pairs in a short period of time. Now, HeyGears continues to launch their new products with brand new aesthetic designs packed with cutting-edge technologies.  

All of the detailed product information can be seen on HeyGears official website: http://www.heygears.com/

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