Oceans Eye Project Employs Crowdsourcing Methodology to Research Deteriorating Condition of Ocean Reefs

There are almost 10,000 coral reefs in the world, but to date only about 10% of these reefs have had any meaningful research conducted on them.  Reefs are critical natural resources that house almost 25 percent of all marine species, produce unique medicines, support industrial operations and protects coastal communities from storms.  Unfortunately, these precious environments are disappearing rapidly, and scientists are racing to preserve them before they vanish completely.

Oceans Eye is a collaborative scientific project launched by Dr. Karsten Shein, Peter Quilliam, and Neil van Niekerk.  Oceans Eye uses amateur divers from around the globe to help monitor the state of coral reefs.  Project participants use a lightweight, dynamic sensor which automatically records key environmental factors in the waters around reefs including temperature, pH, depth and light level. Oceans Eye will also produce a 3-D rendering of the diver’s path around the reef and an interactive dive log for the diver.

By employing the help of recreational divers, we can turn them into a citizen scientist and the data collected from each dive will give us a more complete understanding of factors affecting our reefs. Currently there is not enough data globally for scientists to fully understand the increasingly important microclimate data that is vital for reef survival. We will collect and share this data with the people that need it most – the scientific community.

Oceans Eye is still in development, but you can help expedite the development process by supporting their Indiegogo campaign.  In addition to knowing that you are helping these endangered marine ecosystems, you can also receive valuable perks like Oceans Eye caps, newsletter, Oceans Eye devices, polo shirts, stickers, preferred partner status, invitation to the Southern Cross Resort on Little Cayman Island, meet with Oceans Eye founders, lifelong membership and an invitation to test Oceans Eye on Little Cayman.

To learn more about Oceans Eye or to make a donation, please visit https://goo.gl/dBCZNq

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