QASymphony Announces Software Testing Tools List Exceeding 100 Tools

ATLANTA, GA – 30 Nov, 2016 – QASymphony, a global provider of test case management and software testing tools based in Atlanta, Georgia, is announcing the immediate release of a new article discussing the specific applications of more than 100 software testing tools. Categorized according to the specific task for which each tool is best suited, QASymphony asserts that it has created an invaluably comprehensive resource to which readers can continually refer in order to identify the best software testing tool according to their unique testing needs.

Atlanta-based software testing and QA tools company QASymphony is announcing the release of a new article featuring more than 100 software testing tools. The comprehensive list of software testing tools is divided according to eight different categories with the goal of helping readers quickly identify the most ideal testing tools based on their specific software testing needs.

The new software testing tools article is now available for review through the company’s blog section and will remain available to readers through the following link:

With the publication of this detailed article, QASymphony has created a comprehensive informational resource that will allow readers to easily find the specific software testing tools that most closely align with their unique needs and priorities relating to testing and QA. Considering the plethora of testing and QA tools that are now available, QASymphony’s new article eliminates the need for readers to invest substantial time and energy sifting through hundreds of individual testing tools to determine which is best suited for their needs.

“We feel that the exceptional level of detail incorporated into this list of 102 software testing tools along with it’s organization of the eight different categories will make it possible for our readers to easily locate the best testing tools based on their specific needs and priorities,” said Reed Gusmus, QASymphony’s Director of Marketing. “Whether it is test automation, bug tracking, performance testing, or any other type of task associated with testing and QA, we have detailed the ‘must knows’ of each and outlined everything a reader should know when creating a short list of the most ideal testing tool for their unique software development processes.”

Gusmus expressed confidence in the overall value of the article and noted that the publication of such a detailed and comprehensive listing is reflective of the company’s continued commitment to provide software testing professionals with great information. In offering access to this comprehensive list of more than 100 testing tools, QASymphony has succeeded in making the selection process all the more efficient and effective for readers who can now return time and again to this all-encompassing resource on QA and testing tools.

About QASymphony

QASymphony is a leading agile software company that provides enterprise test case management, testing analytics and software testing testing solutions for development and QA teams.  QASymphony solutions help companies create better software by improving speed, efficiency and collaboration during the testing process.

Today, QASymphony has over 400 customers across 20 countries including Salesforce, Barclays, Adobe, Samsung, Verizon and Office Depot. The company is headquartered in Atlanta, GA with a software development team in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and a sales office in London, England.

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