Life After Bariatric Surgery: Author Beth Bianca Announces the Release of Diet and Weight-Loss Book “Mindset Breakthrough: Achieve Weight-Loss Surgery Success”

SCHAUMBURG, IL – 11/30/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Author Beth Bianca knows from personal experience what it is like to live with the discomfort of weighing almost 400 pounds and being overwhelmed with chronic mental and physical health problems. She reveals with candid transparency her challenges and triumphs with the release of Mindset Breakthrough: Achieve Weight-Loss Surgery Success available on Amazon.

Studies by the Obesity Action Coalition estimates over 9 million individuals in the United States alone are affected by severe obesity. The causes of severe obesity are complex with no absolute answer. “I’m not a doctor or a psychologist. I’m a regular person who had a lifelong issue with being overweight. If I could do this, so can you,” Bianca said. She lost a total of 224 pounds and gained her life and health back.

Historically, the severe obese have suffered in silence and felt their situation was hopeless. Living with fear, frustration, and embarrassment makes living hard. Thanks to new medical Bariatric surgery options sufferers have hope. Bianca determined to leave the confines of her wheelchair credits her surgery success to the shift in her mindset. “Having weight-loss surgery isn’t enough. We have to change the way we look at and feel about food.” she said.

Mindset Breakthrough: Achieve Weight-Loss Surgery Success provides readers consolidated guidance for those who are having self-doubt or fear of failure after weight loss surgery. They will learn the steps Bianca took to change her mindset from can’t to can. Learn more about this book at Amazon. She maintains a support blog for bariatric patients and is available for coaching, interviews, and appearances at:

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