Disrupting Small Business Advertising, One Client at a Time

Atlanta based marketing agency aims to disrupt the small business advertising space

ATLANTA, GA – 11/30/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Omni Digital Consulting- a direct response based digital marketing firm, specializes in ROI based marketing campaigns through facebook, google ads and local search. They have provided business owners with 600% ROI or more on their marketing spend.

Bilal and Omer Choudhry, founders of Omni Digital Consulting, aim to disrupt the small business advertising space. They found that most small businesses have been advertising the wrong way and the game has changed over the past few years.

Business owners invest lots of money in marketing but have no idea what kind of returns they are getting. They saw that many small businesses advertise on places like billboards, newspaper, radio, and even google because “they’re supposed to” but they never measure ROI. They just sink money in and forget about it, all the while fooling themselves that they are getting results.

Omni Digital Consulting was started because Bilal and Omer Choudhry saw a huge need in the market for ROI based advertising where a business owner could invest $1 and get $2 or more back guaranteed. Their goal is to help 1,000 service based small businesses correctly market their services within the next five years.

Omni Digital Consulting provides these ROI based marketing services through well-crafted Google Ad, Facebook Ad and local search campaigns.

Imran T., who has worked with Omni Digital Consulting before has said “Bilal is a fantastic local marketer, I went to Bilal for some advice and he helped me solve a few issues for a client. I highly recommend him if you want to increase your search exposure.”

Omni Digital Consulting typically works with these types of clients:

  • Local dental office or other medical providers such as chiropractors
  • Tradesmen such as plumbers, water remediation contractors, or roofers
  • Other service based businesses who generally charge a high amount for their services
  • Other marketing agencies or coaches who need help with their marketing campaigns

About Your Company:  Omni Digital Consulting was started in 2014, and their team has collectively managed millions in advertising spend so far. They have delivered business owners 600% ROI or sometimes even more from their marketing spend.

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Company Name: Omni Digital Consulting
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Email: bilal@omnidigitalconsulting.com
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Country: United States
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