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The Law Office of Nicholas Wood introduces its new website and welcomes all residents of the Greater Vancouver, WA who require legal assistance when dealing with divorce or domestic violence cases.

Family law is extremely complex, so the outcomes of cases covered by it often depend equally on the skill and experience of the attorney. Nicholas Wood has been a legal professional for 17 years and during this time, he has gained tremendous experience in many different areas of family law. Today, he and his office can provide assistance to any resident of the greater Vancouver in a wide range of cases pertaining to the family law. Everyone interested can assess the services and learn a variety of helpful information about the attorney from their new website http://www.nickwoodlaw.com.

Is It Necessary to Hire an Attorney When Getting a Divorce?

Legally, there is a possibility to go through this process without involving an attorney. Spouses who separate due to a mutual agreement often resort to filing an uncontested divorce in the hopes to save both money and time.

However, this approach rarely works out, as the dissolution/divorce process is extremely complex. Even couples who are on friendly terms with each other devolve into arguments when it comes to the division of assets and child custody.

Employing the assistance of an experienced divorce attorney can help prevent any problems as well as resolve disputes as soon as they arise. This facilitates the overall process and reduces both the level of stress and costs of the actual divorce.

At their updated website www.nickwoodlaw.com, The Law Office of Nicholas Wood, PS offers a full disclosure of their divorce services and explains which issues they can effectively resolve to make the process of legal separation as smooth as possible.

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How an Attorney Helps Handle Domestic Violence Cases

Due to their highly emotional and personal nature, as these cases by their nature involve family and/or household members, domestic violence cases are treated very aggressively by the prosecution.   Hiring an experienced domestic violence attorney is the key to protecting one’s rights and future by leveling the playing field. 

On the civil side, even if there are no criminal charges being filed against you, it may be necessary and appropriate to obtain or defend an Anti-Harassment order, DV Protection Order, Sexual Assault Protection Order, or other similar type of restraining order.  These orders have different evidentiary requirements to establish a need for them.  An experienced attorney can make all the difference in obtaining or defending them.

The Law Office of Nicholas Wood in Vancouver, WA offers assistance in any family law cases, as well as other legal areas. To see the full range of their services, contact the firm at (360)993-4321.

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