CleaninStyle Publishes its Detailed Carpet Cleaner Buying Guide for 2016

Julia Robinson, the editor-in-chief of CleaninStyle has published a comprehensive guide on the best carpet cleaning machines of the year.

Targeted marketing can stir up a lot of interest for a carpet cleaner, but the products that are presented in the best light aren’t necessarily the optimum purchase for a customer’s individual needs. This is why Julia Robinson, the editor-in-chief at CleaninStyle has created a guide that has facts as its top priority and aims to provide readers with an unbiased overview of product regardless of brand or marketing budget.

“You’ll see some of these cleaners in commercials on TV, but the fact of the matter is that some of them just don’t do a good job of actually cleaning”, Robinson remarked. “Some well-established models didn’t have what it takes to make the list.”

Such products are often times not what a consumer really wants or needs, especially if they live in a smaller living space or cannot afford the most expensive models, yet are made to believe that only a commercial-grade cleaner will do when in fact a more modest model could accomplish the same.

The guide featured on CleaninStyle is aimed at the average consumer, eschewing a lot of technical jargon and unnecessary minutia when presenting individual models’ specifications in lieu of comparing what is most important when dealing with practical carpet cleaning problems and how the given cleaner reacts to various situations. Nevertheless, Robinson has included an overview table with the cleaners’ basic characteristics and price ranges, making comparison easier.

Each product is then reviewed separately. Their strengths and weaknesses are discussed, and the editor’s own view on what a given model is best suited for is given as well. The cleaners are grouped into two groups based on their price and number of features. After that, readers are given additional information in the form of a few general guidelines on what to look for when choosing a carpet cleaner, such as the existence of a built-in water heater or the ability to clean multiple surfaces, thereby eliminating the need for additional devices.

CleaninStyle is a site where people can read up on the latest trends in domestic cleaning and get a clear, unbiased overview of not just carpet cleaners, but machines like portable vacuum cleaners and steam cleaners as well. Their content is focused on educating the consumer on general aspects of these devices and informing them of the choices that are most suited for their budgetary constraints and individual living conditions.

For more information, Robinson can be reached by phone at 01228-800618 or by visiting online.

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