The Chinese Inventor Zhan Xiaoling Invented the Low-cost Green Catalyst for Hydrolysis Hydrogen Production

Zhan Xiaoling, a researcher of Institute of Marine Oil and Gas of Hainan Province in China, developed a low-cost green catalyst technology of hydrolysis hydrogen production after 16 years’ exploration and study. The process of the hydrolysis hydrogen production doesn’t need light, heat or electricity. Hydrogen produced by the way of injecting water into hydrolytic agent with the influence of the catalyst. The catalyst promotes the reaction of hydrolytic agent and water and breaks down water, to take oxygen away and release hydrogen. Now the new process of making the green catalyst has already been developed, by which hydrolytic agent can be put into the water tank and hydrogen amount can be controlled through the catalyst as needed. Therefore, it is completely unnecessary to preserve and transport hydrogen; these two factors are the biggest obstacles of “the Hydrogen Economy”. Its technical features are: water produces hydrogen; hydrogen produces electricity and water circle. The source of materials is abundant, cheap and easy to get, for green and environmental protection and natural renewable. Its performances are ordinary temperature, constant pressure, controllability, instant production, supply and application, to provide favorable conditions for on-site hydrogen production of hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles. No need to produce hydrogen by fossil fuel or electrolysis of water, preserve hydrogen under high pressure, establish hydrogen stations with huge investment or put high-pressured hydrogen storage tank on hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles. Recently, this green catalyst technology of hydrolysis hydrogen production has been tested by TS4001-1000-CV-H-type hydrogen flowmeter sensor-calculating instrument and TFS-H2-A9-type hydrogen purity analyzer, the cost of per cubic meter of hydrogen produced by hydrolysis is less than 8 yuan, which is 80% lower than the price of bottled hydrogen in the Chinese market; hydrogen storage value is up to above 11% (quality score), which is higher than the standard of (quality score) 9% hydrogen storage value of hydrogen storage materials of US Department of Energy in 2015; hydrogen purity is 99.99%, which is up to the national standard of pure hydrogen of China, and can be used for hydrogen fuel cell without any refinement.

This technology of hydrolysis hydrogen production under ordinary temperature and constant pressure is divided into two parts including hydrolytic agent and catalyst, among which hydrolytic agent is simple substance and coordination compounds formed by nonmetallic elements and metal elements that are the most abundant, cheap and nontoxic in the earth crust. These substances already have products sold in the Chinese market, which need not to be specially processed and can be directly used as the raw materials of hydrolytic agent; the catalyst is the reaction product of non-toxic substances such as the natural salt, soda, food desiccant, as well as natural effective components abstracted from stems and leaves of plants and crop straws under ordinary temperature and constant pressure. This technology plays the role of promotion, synergism and addictive effect in catalyzing hydrolysis hydrogen production. These trick ingredients have synthetically catalytic functions of security and activity that can increase catalytic efficiency and reduce cost of the catalyst at the same time, to make the catalyst a safe, cheap and natural non-toxic material of hydrolysis hydrogen production. This technology of hydrolysis hydrogen production is so safe that it produces hydrogen only when it contacts with both catalyst and water. It is more helpful to safety, storage, transport and use if solid hydrolytic agent and catalyst are selected, which also can reduce transportation cost at the same time. The solid agent can be very convenient to use with water anywhere, which saves freight cost of water.

According to the UN Environment Programme, there are 1.7 billion tons of straw worldwide every year including more than 700 million tons in China, most of which have not been used. In addition, straw burning will pollute the environment. The invention extracted the effective components of the catalyst from the resource-rich straw, which has an effect of “changing waste into treasure and energy” as well as a positive effect on “waste disaster, energy shortage”. China has introduced preferential policies on fund support, tax relief and others for utilization of straw. Meanwhile, the catalyst is a combination of effective ingredients in plants and fruits with salt, soda as well as other natural products after their reaction, which is friendly to the environment and belongs to new green catalyst field advocated by the worldwide leading advanced technology. Green catalyst is the current research and production trend worldwide, and China has preferential policies for major scientific research projects, particularly fund support. Chinese government has regarded green catalyst as the great foundation that should be fully supported.

Hydrogen energy technology has been listed in the Renewable Energy Law of the People’s Republic of China and the Tenth Five-Year Plan for Science and Technology Development and Long-range Vision 2015. Recently, the NDRC and the National Energy Administration issued Energy Technology Innovation Action Plan (2016-2030) (NDRC [2016] No.513) and announced the strategic direction and planning goals for hydrogen energy and fuel cell technology, suggesting “Vision 2030. To achieve integration of production, storage, transportation and application of large-scale, low-cost hydrogen as well as standardization and extensive application of on-site storage, hydrogen production mode in hydrogen filling station.” Meanwhile, Energy Technology Revolution Key Innovation Action Roadmap has been released, which included the “hydrogen energy and fuel cell technology innovation as one of the 15 key tasks. The “13th Five-Year” National Science and Technology Innovation Plan released on August 18, 2016 clearly stated requirement for the development of “disruptive technology that promotes and leads the industrial revolution” such as hydrogen, fuel cell. Moreover, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as well as the NDRC all have released Notice on the Financial Support Policy for Popularization and Applicatrion of New Energy Vehicles in 2016-2020, which is about the implementation of slope mechanism to subside standard for pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles. However, the subsidy standard for hydrogen fuel cell has not been reduced, even improved for individual cars. Experts said that the four ministries have not reduced the subsidy for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles but increased, reflecting China has paid special attention to the development of hydrogen fuel cell vehicle industry. Therefore, this technology has the following policy advantages: (1). Hydrolysis hydrogen under normal temperature and pressure, the world development direction; (2). Green catalysis, the world trend; (3). Great importance attached by governments, easy to get fund support and tax incentives; (4). A broad market with great prospect, easily listed, bigger and stronger.

Abundant water resources provide inexhaustible raw materials for hydrogen production and the key to hydrolysis of hydrogen is the preparation of catalyst. To improve safety, stability, activity of catalyst as well as reduce its toxicity and cost is a long-term major science and technology problem that scholars and scientists have paid attention to. Therefore, the experts believe that the technology has broad prospects for development. A whimsical idea that with the continuous development of high-tech, vehicles refuel water not gas, gas stations will become water stations is expected to be real one day.

It is reported that Zhan Xiaoling has been engaged in new energy and environmental protection research for more than 30 years and his inventions mainly used low-carbon methanol fuel, micro-emulsion fuel to replace high-carbon fossil coal and oil. Then he focused on carbon-free hydrogen production. He has obtained more than 80 clean and green environmental energy inventions. Moreover, he has won Eureka Invents Gold Award and Knights Cross for several times as well as Gold Medal and Special Award in World Exhibition for Young Inventor! In 2015, he won the invention gold medal and five special awards of the 43rd International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva organized by the World Intellectual Property Organization with the Swiss government! His research results from high-carbon to low-carbon, to carbon-free, have made a great contribution to protecting the earth.

Picture 1: The lights are all on in Zhan Xiaoling’s hydrolysis hydrogen production experiment

Picture 2: Zhan Xiaoling won the Eureka Invents Gold Award and Knights Cross

Picture 3: Zhan Xiaoling won the Invention gold medal and special award of the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva

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