Flight Flex launches new subscription flight plan to revolutionize the air travel industry

In an attempt that could totally revolutionize the travel industry, Flight Flex has announced the launch of a membership based flight plan that will allow the individuals to fly anywhere in the United States. What’s more, this is one of the many others plans for 2017 that would benefit the travelers. Information reaching our desk has it that this alone is going to shake air travel to the core.

The latest among the many innovative Flex flight plans whose launch is bound to happen this Friday seeks to enable subscribers to enjoy a raft of services including home travels, vacations, family visits and much more. These rafts of plans include the silver, gold, platinum plans giving members variety of choices to make for travel. Because the travel plans have different benefits, the pricing of the packages is set to be different according to the sources at the flex flight finance.

The silver subscription plan goes for $39 while the gold one priced at $69 with the platinum taking $99 and VIP going for $169 monthly payments. In fact, by just subscribing and paying the monthly contributions, the Flex flight guarantees a safe journey to anywhere. The two-way 90 day qualification period on the silver plan, the four-way travel plan on gold with 100 days requirement, the six-way with 110 day qualification period on the platinum and the ten-way travel with 120 days eligibility are some of the packages people enjoy with the yet to be launched plans.

According to the information, we have at hand; the company aims at increasing its subscription base to something triple the current numbers. The large numbers they aim to achieve by giving their members mouth watering plans that are subscription based and paid on a monthly basis. With a two-pronged approach meant to cover students and family, the cost variance at a minimum of $40, which for many clients in air travel is lower than what other air transport services offer. The student package targets students in colleges and universities who have been having it hard to go across the country to visit members of their families.

According to one of the students we talked to, the service has made traveling to his home for new year’s eve simple, unlike in the past.The additional fact that the tours and other events covered makes flex the perfect choice, he added. The company CEO was quite excited to point out that based on their aim of making flights anywhere in the United States convenient, many are bound to take advantage of these plans. Moreover, while the family package is meant to cut the cost of travel across many states by half, the student packages are meant for convenience.

Just like in the past, this whole plan will bring the aspect of comfort when speaking of flex, the more reason why they are the perfect choice for student travel. He added, “the precise nature of flex travel stems from the fact that we have a broad coverage.” Confirming the sentiments was a Mr. Solomon who was quite pleased with the fact that with his subscriptions, he can now travel effortlessly to his several vocational trips in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Nashville, Chicago, Washington and even Atlanta.

From what we have on our desk, with the latest plan that the company is bound to roll, air travel has never been this easy. In fact, though yet to launch, the subscriptions are already on with the first flights meant to commence after the start. The travelers can take advantage of the packages as the subscription process is already ongoing. Those who wish to subscribe are at liberty to visit their websites or visit their offices situated in Oakland CA.

For bookings, queries,and any other additional information, flex flight encourages the individuals to contact them at their email address on flightflex@gmail.com. The company is social as well, and their Facebook and Twitter handles are all meant to keep customers posted on the latest products.

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