Eurodita: New Top Dog In The Log Cabins Industry

The 2016 season was marked by continued growth in the European log cabin industry. It was also a year of fierce competition among key industry players. More and more European dealers are now sourcing their log cabins from manufacturers operating in EU’s East.

One company is emerging as the leading beneficiary of this shift in the European marketplace. Eurodita Log Structures, a Lithuania-based B2B manufacturing company, expects to record a staggering annual growth of 60%  in 2016. Founded more than two decades ago, Eurodita has developed a dealers’network covering over fifty countries worldwide.

Europe and beyond

Mr. Rolanas Kutra, the CEO of Eurodita Log Structures, identified the key aspects of his company’s yearly progress: “In 2016 we introduced a variety of new designs and product models, which helped attract new dealers in western Europe, while at the same time  consolidating our standing relationships with old clients.”

About two thirds of the company’s total output goes to log cabin dealers operating in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the Netherlands. Eurodita is also making successful inroads into the markets of Australia, New Zealand, and the U.S.

Eurodita uses first rate Siberian spruce to construct a variety of log structures including log cabins and sheds, standard cabins, glulam log houses, log houses, camping pods, garden summer houses, garden furniture, play houses, BBQ huts, woodencarports and garages, woodenhot tubs and woodenpavilions.

Fierce competition

Mr. Kutra also said that some western Europe based manufacturers have adopted increasingly aggressive tactics towards his company when faced with diminishing market share.

For example, in 2014 Eurodita was sued for plagiarism by Tuindeco, an industry giant from the Netherlands. After a lengthy legal process, the court decided that Tuindeco’s case had been frivolous and their claims unfounded. 

“This is all part of a larger European trend,”spoke Mr. Kutra, “The common European market connects smart western dealers with cost-effective manufacturers from countries like Lithuania, whereas the big losers of this process are inefficient producers desperate to protect the old status quo.”

A look ahead

In 2016 Eurodita consolidated its position as the leading builder of log structures in Europe. The company produces more than 25.000 log cabins a year.

“In 2017 we are looking to expand our affiliation network and attract even more smart buyers”,- said the company’s CEO: “We are extremely proud of the level of trust invested in our products by the leading dealers and retailers from all around Europe and beyond.”

Asked to single out the main reason behind Eurodita’s staggering growth rates, Rolanas Kurtra emphasized what he labels as a ‘herculean’assortment of top-quality timber and log products: “We currently produce over 600 hundred standard products, while also offering our dealers a possibility to order custom designed products”.

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