MAHATTAN BEACH, Calif. – Who wants to be a millionaire? Timolin R. Langin has launched her new book called Mind Over Money – How to Live like a Millionaire on Any Budget. This non-traditional money management book contains 100+ pages and shows readers how to live like a millionaire now by providing a thorough financial education for entrepreneurs, money managers and working people who want to soar in every area of life by utilizing their money tool strategically.

Mind Over Money reveals savvy secrets of how one lives a life fulfilled by making healthier financial decisions and using the money tool, cash in pursuit of one’s life passion. This book shows readers how to break the cycle of over-spending and over-consuming by establishing a “new fit” or new way of thinking about money. Timolin shows you how to develop the millionaire mindset and connect it to the pursuit of purpose so that readers live the life of their dreams.

This book shares the education necessary to build a strong financial foundation, helps readers  avoid emotional-overspending and leave a legacy of wealth and wealth-producing values; total prosperity now and for the next generation. Savvy money strategies, strategic spending, reduce devastating debt and how to make more money is just the beginning of what this resource offers.

Mind Over Money shows readers how to think about and wield their money tool or hard-earned cash in this technological age. Readers will also learn how to nurture and grow generational wealth and life planning habits, garner bank and community support, prosperity building and participate in a kind, supportive and strategic worldwide wealth building community.

For more information on Timolin Langin’s new book, Mind Over Money, How to Live like a Millionaire on any Budget, please visit http://www.newfitworldtv.com/mind-over-money.html. or pick up your copy from http://bookstore.westbowpress. com/Products/SKU-000987424/ Mind-Over-Money.aspx

About the Author:  

Timolin R. Langin is a talented producer and founder of newfitworldtv.com a financial life community where she shares the wisdom, “wit,” and money strategies used to buy multiple properties, travel the world and succeed in business; unheard of achievements on a teacher’s salary.

She leads retreats, workshops and seminars around the world, showing others how to have a new fit with their money and live like a millionaire on their budget. Contact NewFitWorldTV.com for television/radio interviews, public speaking and other media relations. 

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