announces new supplies of e-liquid and e-cigs, the largest supplier of e-cig needs has announced a new stock of supplies. The online cig shop stocks a variety of electronic cigarettes. While making the announcement, the shop manager said that they are committed to providing customers with products which meet their tastes and budget. While making the announcement, the shop manager said that the online shop has ensured that the products in their vape section are all sourced from manufacturers who have ensured that the e cigs are made in an environment which is free of dust and contaminants. The shop manager added that they test all the e cigs supplies to ensure that they meet the best quality test. “Customers who are buying from us can rest assured that they are getting the best products, we have set in place strict measures to ensure that what we have in stock meets the highest quality,” said the shop manager while assuring buyers of not only high standard products but also clean e cigs.

E cigs have become popular products, especially to people who would like to reduce the amount of tobacco and nicotine they inhale in their bodies. The e cigarette has been recognized as a safe alternative to tobacco cigarettes as it does gives the same kind of satisfaction but has little effect to an individual’s health. The fact that it also comes in a variety of flavours gives the users a wide range of choice. Consumers also have a choice in the quantity of the e-liquid they want to purchase as it comes in different sizes ranging from 10 ml e-liquid, to 20 ml and 30 ml, among other sizes. According to the shop manager, this gives the customer freedom to choose the amount of the e liquid to consume at any given time.

“ sells electronic cigarettes both at retail and wholesale prices. Buyers who are looking to resell e-liquid and other types of electronic cigarettes, can get good bargains allowing them to have a handsome profit margin,” said the shop manager while also acknowledging that retail buyers also get good bargains for the products.

The shop manager also added that the online shop gives occasional special offers to buyers, where they have an opportunity to purchase electronic cigarettes and e-liquids at a discounted price. He urged shoppers to be on the lookout for discounts and to take advantage of these offers and get their favorite high quality products at reduced prices.

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About is an online store stocking a variety of high quality electronic cigarettes and e-liquids. is a reliable source for e-liquid wholesale.

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